Tommy Wirkola’s Dead Snow sequel gets interesting title change


Many of you are probably familiar with Tommy Wirkola’s latest film Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters which found surprising success at the box-office, but what he was mostly known for before this years hit was the blood soaked Nazi zombie horror flick Dead Snow. A sequel to his zombie flick has been in the works for months now and has just undergone an interesting title change. Despite its new, and terrible title change, the sequel promises more undead insanity led by a phenomenal cast. Today it was announced that Wirkola’s latest venture into the zombie genre will officially be called Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead. Yea, not the best title we’ve ever seen but if nothing else it will hopefully add to the film’s charm!

The film promises even more Nazi zombies as the survivor from the first film prepares himself for another zombie attack, but this time is aided by a group of professional zombie killers from America known as ‘The Zombie Squad’.

Martin Starr (“Freaks and Geeks”, Knocked Up), Ingrid Haas (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) and Jocelyn Deboer have just been added to the sequel which also sees Vegar Hoel and Ørjan Gamst joining in on some bloody fun.


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If you are ever attacked by a gorilla just sit back and relax while you enjoy the once in a life time feeling of your limbs being ripped off.

10 thoughts on “Tommy Wirkola’s Dead Snow sequel gets interesting title change

  1. Will this be in 3D like Hansel & Gretel? Wonder what the “red” in the indeed bad sounding title stands for? Maybe they chose the new title to discourage people to see it? Maybe they’re a bit reluctant. You know, that they think it’s so over the top that they won’t get away with it if the movie gets to much attention…

    1. I don’t think that it will be in 3D. It could be converted later on but considering this a smaller budget I’d imagine he wont make it 3D.

      1. Well, can’t see them all anyway! Not even the 3D ones! Maybe i should try to get my hands on Hansel & Gretel first. (especially Gretel!) His movies seem to have a particular sense of humor. Any idea what other movies you can compare them with?

      2. His stuff is hard to compare. He does have a sort of Sam Raimi style with how he blends his type of humor with the horror genre. It’s definitely out there tho!

  2. I saw dead zombies on sci fi channel, am sure it was edited but still watched it to the end,definitely different,will look for this one, I liked Hansel and Gretel so I will give one a try

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