After seven long years All the Boys Love Mandy Lane finally gets a release date and new trailer!

Amber Heard is Mandy Lane in Jonanthan Levine's All The Boys Love Mandy Lane.

Horror fans have been anticipating the release of You’re Next for over two years now and while that is certainly a hell of a long time to wait, the home invasion thriller has nothing on Jonathan Levine’s All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. The Warm Bodies director will finally see his film come to light as it has landed a release date seven long years after premiering at Toronto Film Festival Midnight. Damn!

After being so well received during its festival run, horror fans have been waiting an agonizingly long time to get their hands on the much talked about horror flick. Well folks, wait no more because the film will officially be releasing on VOD platforms this September 6th. To celebrate the film’s release they have edited a brand new trailer for the film and it looks damn good. Check it out below.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is about a group of high-schoolers who invite Mandy Lane, “a good girl” who becomes the object of everyone’s affection after returning from summer break, to a weekend party on a secluded ranch. While the festivities rage on, the number of revelers begins to mysteriously drop one at a time.

The flick stars Amber Heard and Anson Mount.


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12 thoughts on “After seven long years All the Boys Love Mandy Lane finally gets a release date and new trailer!

  1. The genre has been in decent shape these days. I’m glad to know this, and I’ll give this one a shot when it comes out. Looks like “The Last House on the Left”-meets-“I Spit in Your Grave” sort of flick. AND Amber Heard is here…so. There’s that.

    1. Basically after the Weinstein Company picked it up after its festival run some of their horror films did terrible at the box office (like Grindhouse), so then they sold the film to Senator Entertainment US. Senator, who at the time was setting up their own distribution company, later went out of business, and the film has been held in limbo with other unreleased projects since then.

      1. I recently saw the Grindhouse double bill on the big screen. What do you think of that film?

        Cheers for the background info on the film. Shame no one has picked it up until now. Good to see it is getting some sort of release though.

      2. I saw Grindhouse in theaters as well and to this day it’s still one of my most fun movie theater experiences. I had an absolute blast from the fake trailers to the films themselves I thought the entire thing was a blast. I wish we could see that stuff more often.

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