Crazy cool Carrie poster runs red


Artist Jessica Deahl recently took on the 1976 Brian De Palma horror classic Carrie and it’s an absolutely stunning piece of work. Deahl found a way to breathe new life into Stephen King’s classic character and the result is nothing short of horror gold. It’s really an amazing piece and thankfully Deahl didn’t shy away from the red stuff we appreciate so much around these parts because it really captures the very essence of the flick. To put it simply, it’s cool as hell! With Halloween just around the corner we’re starting to see some truly awesome horror themed posters being brought to life and Deahl’s Carrie poster is no doubt one of the best ones we’ve seen yet!

This gorgeous poster went on sale today, September 19th, and there are only 150 of them, so if you you wan’t to snag one for yourself you better hurry. Head over to Odd City Entertainment’s site for more details.

When Odd City asked me to take on Carrie, I couldn’t have been more excited. Now an iconic horror film more than 30 years old, the themes of fear, isolation, and estrangement are still relatable. I wanted to portray the story of Carrie White as a triumph. She overcomes the horrific and inhumane treatment of her peers and unjust religious control of her mother to win back her life. She was a prisoner in her own home, and her rage destroys it.

Well folks, there you have it. Another shining example of someone way more talented than I’ll ever be! Dig it below!


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