The dead never looked so good; Awesome Walking Dead art gallery


Walkers will be dragging their rotting legs into our homes this Sunday, October 13th and to celebrate the occasion, L.A.’s own Hero Complex Gallery is having an officially licensed exhibit of some badass art that you’re definitely going to want to check out.

All of the artists did a hell of a job so you’re going to have a hard time picking a favorite. I was happy to see Adam Rabalais throw his creative mind into the mix as well because I’ve been a huge fan of his work for a long time now—he has even been featured right here on Rhino’s Horror in the Art of Horror section.

Below is just a taste of what you can expect to see at the gallery, so once you get done taking a look at the art, be sure to head over to their site to see more. If you’re in the neighborhood, you can check out the gallery for yourself this Friday, October 11th at 7pm. Head over to the Hero Complex Gallery for full details and RSVP at the event Facebook page.

PrintAdam Rabalais

Walking_dead_hero_complex_JCRichard copy

JC Richard

Walking_dead_hero_complex_KateCopeland copy

Kate Copeland


Richey Beckett


JP Valderrama


Oliver Barrett

Walking_dead_hero_complex_MatthewWoodson copy

Matthew Woodson


Alan Hynes

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7 thoughts on “The dead never looked so good; Awesome Walking Dead art gallery

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    Whether you’re a Walking Dead fan, a zombie fan, or just a good ol’ horror fan, these are well worth checking out! Brought to you by Ryan at Rhino’s Horror. There’s also a link to the Hero Complex Gallery (holding the exhibition) where you can check out more. Recommended!

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