Pumpkinrot’s photography will give you Halloween-themed nightmares for life!


You know what your Halloween season needs more of? Nightmares, that’s what! And thanks to John, the terrifyingly creative mind behind Pumpkinrot, we’ve got a whole new reason to sleep with the lights on! Below is a hair-raising gallery of nightmare fuel that is guaranteed to give you the creeps whether you want them to or not. John creates these terrifying creatures and then photographs them in natural settings—and the results are brilliant. You can thank John for the nightmares later, but first take a look at the gallery below!

I asked John what inspires him; here’s what he had to say:

Halloween and organic elements are two intensely-related things to me, so I try to capture that relationship in my scarecrows, creatures, displays, and photos. I get a ton of inspiration from things like leaves, dried corn stalks, twisted branches and vines, and tired old pumpkins. I think true Halloween magic comes from its earthy side, and I think I’m always trying to find that magic in the things that I build.

If you want to see more of his work, just head over to the Pumpkinrot website and have a look around!

ThreeWitches_Pumpkinrot SwampFoetus8_Pumpkinrot SwampFoetus4_Pumpkinrot SwampFoetus_Pumpkinrot SkullWitches_Pumpkinrot Halloween2010f_Pumpkinrot Halloween2010d_Pumpkinrot Halloween2010b_Pumpkinrot Halloween2009b_Pumpkinrot FieldWitch_Pumpkinrot Elsa_Pumpkinrot CornWitch_Pumpkinrot

2009_7 2009_16 BodyBag_Pumpkinrot

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If you are ever attacked by a gorilla just sit back and relax while you enjoy the once in a life time feeling of your limbs being ripped off.

16 thoughts on “Pumpkinrot’s photography will give you Halloween-themed nightmares for life!

  1. Whoa. These were epic. I love the one of The Witch with the Pumpkin. Spooky as hell. Thanks for sharing these!

      1. No, they create some really creepy characters on there. He’d blend right in. If you haven’t seen the series before, you should definitely check it out. You being so much into art & horror, you’d love it.

  2. Ever read Calvin and Hobbes? Remember how Calvin would make the snowmen and put them in all those horrific situations? That’s what these photos remind me of. In other words they are awesome.

    1. No I haven’t Jmount but that sounds pretty damn cool! Glad you like the gallery, man. He has a TON more on his site so head over there if you want to see more. It was nearly impossible picking out just the few I have here because they were all good.

      1. Google Calvin and Hobbes snowmen and prepare to laugh out loud or lol whichever comes first.

      2. Told ya! The series ended quite a few years ago but I have the complete collection and I love it.

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