Fede Alvarez says Sam Riami will direct Army of Darkness 2!

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Last week Bruce Campbell spilled some fantastic news, saying that an Army of Darkness 2 was on its way. I decided to hold off on reporting that news because we’ve all heard Campbell say similar things with nothing materializing. Well, folks, it’s time to start talking Army of Darkness 2 because the mastermind behind it all, Sam Raimi, has just been confirmed by none other than Evil Dead‘s Fede Alvarez!

Alvarez was recently asked on Twitter if he would be at the helm of Army of Darkness 2, in which he simply replied with, “Sam Raimi will!”Groovy! Alvarez is currently writing a sequel to his very own Evil Dead with Rodo Sayagues, leaving a huge question left to be answered. Which film will come first; will it be Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness 2, and will the two franchises meet head-on?

If Raimi, Campbell and Alvarez all have some nasty little trick up their sleeves then I seriously hope that we see Alvarez’s Evil Dead 2 first. Why? It just makes more sense. If Alvarez follows the same footsteps as Raimi’s Evil Dead II, and we see Mia getting sucked into a different dimension, then that’s where we could potentially see Mia team-up with Ash from the original franchise. That being said, no one really knows where this thing will go, but it’s certainly fun to start thinking about. What say you?

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