Friday the 13th gets rebooted… AGAIN


One horror franchise I have no problem admitting that I kind of hate is Friday the 13th. Talk about beating a dead horse. And apparently Paramount prefers to beat their dead horses over and over again with a machete. Paramount has just announced a release date for the upcoming reboot of Friday the 13th which will hit theaters on that very day on March 13, 2015.

This will mark the 13th theatrical release in the series so it’s kind of a special occasion for the franchise. So what are they going to do with it? While there has been no official word on just what the next film will be about, all signs are pointing towards the found-footage angle. It makes sense for them to entertain the idea of a found-footage Friday the 13th because it can be made cheap and with little effort. All Paramount has to do is sit back and watch the cash roll in because let’s face it, Jason is a chick magnet and fans are going to be seeing the movie regardless of whether it’s found-footage or not. It’s an interesting idea, and one that will at least bring something new to a tired franchise, but is this the way people want to see the star of the film, Jason Voorhees?

Seriously? I mean, we just saw a reboot back in 2009 from director Marcus Nispel which certainly wasn’t the worst film the franchise has seen, so why reboot it all over again? I’ve never been a big fan of Friday the 13th. I love the character, Jason Voorhees, but the films are just terrible with the best one being one he’s not even in. Which says a lot doesn’t it?


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8 thoughts on “Friday the 13th gets rebooted… AGAIN

  1. I am 100% with you on this one. We need a new kind of scare factor. I’m sure the majority of you know that it will be the same crappy story line, a group reckless youngsters (one will play the saint), sex, drugs, booze, Jason comes .. stab, slash, blood splatters, one or maybe two will get away in the end, Jason lives on for the next Friday the 13th movie. I am honestly frustrated, bring on the new serial killer, PLEASE!

    1. You stole the words right out of my mouth. What exactly is the point of remaking a movie that’s going to follow the exact same formula as the 12 before it? It’s absolutely frustrating and I wish Paramount would dump the money into a NEW horror film with an original killer. Give horror fans something to be excited for!

  2. There’s just something timeless about Jason, Freddy & Michael Myers. There have been plenty of crappy sequels to all 3 of these franchises, but the villain always remains intriguing – and F13 deserves a quality reboot, so I’m all for it if they can amp it up and build on it. I just hope it’s not like that TCM3D that came out top of 2013. And like you said, the F13 reboot in 2009 was decent. Not sure how a found footage would work for F13, but I think they should reboot the series similarly as the way the Bond and Batman franchises were rebooted. I think the problem with so many F13 films were that they were all so similar and one dimensional; rarely did a person ever take on Jason. He annihilates everyone, and that gets boring and redundant after a while.

    Have you watched all of the F13 films? I think a few of them were actually pretty good.

    This was my favorite one; Do you remember this song? lol.

    1. Yes, the characters are absolutely timeless and there’s a reason why we consider them horror icons. That being said, they’ve all been the subject of some absolutely terrible films. You said it, man. The franchise is redundant as all hell and because of that I find it hard to be excited for it. I have seen them all but my memory is fuzzy on a few of them. While there have been some decent ones here and there with some amazing kills, I still consider the first film to be the best. And yes, I do remember that song unfortunately. lol.

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