Review: Here Comes the Devil, except not really…

Adrián García Bogliano’s Here Comes the Devil roots itself in an eerie atmosphere of the supernatural that has a decent story to tell, except it never actually tells it. Instead, the film gets so wrapped up in its own tension that it ultimately forgets to deliver on anything worth holding on to. Here Comes the Devil centers around a married couple who loses their children while on a family trip near some caves in Tijuana. The kids eventually reappear without explanation, but it becomes clear that they are not who they used to be, that something terrifying has changed them. A pretty solid set-up for what will ultimately go nowhere, unfortunately.

Boobs and horror films go hand in hand. But what sets the good horror films with a nice pair of boobs in them from the bad ones is that the good flicks spend more time actually trying to scare the audience. If Here Comes the Devil spent half as much time constructing the horror elements of the film as it did on the scenes involving nudity this one could have turned out half way decent. And trust me, I’m not one to complain about boobs but this was just way over the top. The movie starts out with a pair of boobs in your face and practically ends that way too. There were so many shots of boobs in this movie that I’m dedicating an entire paragraph to it, so there’s that.

The film does start on a high note with a pretty disturbing scene involving some severed fingers and a dude who’s really happy to see a cursed mountain. From there we see a couple of children go missing after a long walk up that very mountain. Yeah, bad idea. After a nightlong search for their children the parents are finally reunited with their kids, except now they seem much different; shells of their former selves. So what actually happened to them that night? So far so good, right? Unfortunately, after its initial hook the film takes way too much time setting itself up for the next act that it barely remembers what it’s even doing.

From this point on not a whole hell of a lot happens. The mother slowly goes crazy as she tries to figure out what happened to her children while the father is too busy being a douchebag the entire film to actually help. Sprinkle in one single scene of the red stuff and a few shots of boobs for good measure and you’ve got Here Comes the Devil. Once we finally get towards the end of the film, where the supernatural hook takes hold, the movie has a chance to redeem itself. But instead of offering something unique and scary we get a couple of floating bodies and some flickering lights. And that’s about it, folks. Oh, I almost forgot! There’s another shot of boobs thrown in there somewhere just for the hell of it.

The film did get one thing right though. It did a solid job of creating an unsettling atmosphere that will no doubt give some viewers the creeps with its old school exploitive approach. But with no real story and a bunch of scenes that ultimately go nowhere, it just felt like the tension was built for no good reason. In the end, Here Comes the Devil was its own worst enemy because it never capitalizes on its good ideas and eerie atmosphere. I have a hard time even considering this one a horror flick because there’s not a single fright to be found in its entire running time. Unless your scared of boobs, this one is pretty tame.


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27 thoughts on “Review: Here Comes the Devil, except not really…

  1. Trailer didn’t impress me plus your write up about the film is enough for me, plus why do they need so many boob shots? I don’t understand that, if I want to see boobs I’ll look at my own! Thanks Ryan won’t be seeing that film!

    1. I have no idea why there had to be so many scenes with boobs bouncing around, but it did and it was pretty ridiculous. Probably a good idea to avoid this one!

    2. read some interviews with the director of this film… the sexual stuff isn’t pointless at all, and I honestly think Ryan actually completely misunderstood this film, failing to take in any of the underlying subjects, and even those it put right in front of you… seriously, he has no clue what this film is about, I can tell from his review.

      The film itself is actually about sexual oppression, if you listen to the dialogue in the beginning scene, this makes immediate sense and is underlying throughout. the director himself has said this about the film in an interview I read before watching it. the zooming in on things apparently signifies anything that drives people in the film, for whatever reason, again something the director himself has said. there is a lot about this movie to think on, and has some very unexpected scenes, but all in all, it has a lot more to say than Ryan makes out… as I said, he clearly understood nothing from the film, or just didn’t pay attention at all, it seems he enjoys very straight forward slashers more than something to think on.

      Just thought id let you know, if you take this in you wil probably enjoy it, if you like a horror with a difference and an in depth story instead of constant gore for the sake of it, yourll like this, its also tense as hell.

      1. The review isn’t about the message of the movie, it’s about the film itself. One that happens to be lazy, boring and filled with senseless amounts of nudity. It’s just not very good, sorry.

      2. lol mate im on about the film itself… “filled with senseless amounts of nudity”, I just explained that, it has a point, its not senseless, the film itself is about sexual oppression, not entirely, but that theme is there and constantly underlying throughout. Its not lazy in anyway, I would think to create something like that takes some thought… and message of this movie, is same as the movie, I mean come on, you get story, call it the “movies message” if you want, then you play that story out visually… anything you say about this film, me or you, is “about the film itself”… you contradicting yourself completely… as I said, you clearly haven’t understood it at all, which makes sense as to why you found it boring, it sounds like you prefer straight forward slashers, that say very little and entertain with gore for the sake of it. that’s fair enough, each to their own 🙂 but im just pointing that out, if you love films just cause of the gore and brilliant action, then your not going to like this, because it has an idea that it doesn’t just stick right infront of you 100 percent of the time, you have to do some thinking to get what this movie is giving. if your on about the way this movie is done, its done well that much can be seen immediately, but your not, your on about it being boring and lazy and having senseless nudity, as I said, you cant of understood it at all, and ive already explained the nudity.

      3. also what you said in your review:

        ” Instead, the film gets so wrapped up in its own tension that it ultimately forgets to deliver on anything worth holding on to” and ” A pretty solid set-up for what will ultimately go nowhere, unfortunately”.

        those are all comments made about the story itself and what happens, so you were definitely commenting on its messages and its subjects. as I said, you just didn’t understand the film at all, anything like a film or book that someone doesn’t understand in the slightest, is not going to be enjoyed by that person ever, because it simply makes no sense to them… its fair enough, as I said I think your taste is more Halloween remakes and The Devils Rejects… which aren’t bad films, but honestly, there nothing more than gore fests with violence between people because they, or one person enjoys it.

      4. you say the film forgets what its doing, and again, just completely wrong, it constantly sets more and more up, gradually explaining things in a realistic way through the parents eyes as they gradually find out more and more, either via witnessing things or speaking about things with other characters… all in all it has a lot of depth that you obviously missed either cause you were bored or just not interested because of a lack of constant blood.

      5. I would tell most people to reconsider a lot of your reviews from this… just from the fact you said it has nothing to go on, its such a unique horror you couldn’t be more wrong and im just glad I didn’t read this review before watching it as I might of been deterred, I was gutted when this film ended. I just think maybe review plain slashers and what not?

    1. Yea, man. I’ve seen some people who really enjoyed it! We can’t all like the same stuff, that would just be boring. Glad you dug it!

  2. Okay Ryan, another film up for debate; Isaacs has strongly been recommending this one over on his blog, and I am waiting for it to become available online so I can check it out. I wonder who I will side with on this one? I will try to watch it when I can and let you guys know…

    In the meantime, I still need to watch “The Seasoning House” and get back with you and Isaacs, as you have both recommended it to me.

      1. Okay, I saw this one last night and I am on your side; this was boring as hell! I fell asleep in the middle for like 15 minutes and when I woke up I decided it wasn’t even worth rewinding and resumed watching and don’t think I missed much. The film did a piss-poor job of telling a story. The kids were supposed to be so much different after surfacing after going missing, except one huge problem: WE DON’T KNOW THE KIDS!

        How are we supposed to see the difference in their behavior when there is absolutely NO character development before they go missing to display their characteristics. I don’t know if they’re acting different after being found – b/c I don’t know what they were like in the first place! Nice set-up considering their changed behavior was intended to be creepy! In addition, the kids STILL aren’t incorporated into the story after being found. It’s only about how the parents are reacting after the incident.

        This movie is boring as hell! I agree with your assessment on this one. Isaacs was probably drunk while watching this. lol.

      2. Glad we agree on this one, I was starting to get worried with how many people said they liked it. You’re right, boring as hell!

  3. I liked this one too, mostly because it tackled the film without the usual horror cliches – except of course for the boobs. It was presented with just enough difference to feel like a fresh take and I really liked the Mom & Dad characters. I agree it could have been stronger in the end – or at the very least, shown one more good shot of…the boobs.

    1. Yea, it looks like a lot of people really enjoyed this one! It was just so slow and awkward and the constant boobs being thrown around was kind of hilarious.

    2. Eric…you need to get help for your addiction. It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Alcoholism is a disease. We’re all here for you! 🙂

  4. I completely agree. After watching the trailer, I was anxious to see where this would go. Then I watched it. Ugh.

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