The Sinister sequel finds a director

While original Sinister director Scott Derrickson and his co-writer C. Robert Cargill have been hard at work on a script for a sequel to the massively successful 2012 film, it was unsure as to whether or not Derrickson himself would take ahold of the directing duties. That all changed today, however, as Blumhouse took to twitter to announced that Citadel director Ciaran Foy will be the man behind the sequel. While I’m sure that many fans were hoping to see Derrickson back behind the camera for Sinister 2, take solace in knowing that he still very much has a heavy hand in the sequel with writing duties.

Foy is certainly an interesting choice for the gig mostly because he only has one feature film (Citadel) under his belt. And as an up and coming genre director, Foy has some pretty big shoes to fill as he spearhead’s a pretty massive horror property for Blumhouse. It’s really cool to see that they’ve has passed the torch on to a director who’s still trying to make a name for himself as this will surely spring his career into much bigger, and scarier things.

In the original film:

A true crime novelist who discovers a box of mysterious, disturbing home movies that plunge his family into a nightmarish experience of supernatural horror.

Now that we’ve got a director for the Sinister sequel, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a whole lot more on this one sooner rather than later. What did you think of the first film? Do you see any sense in making a sequel?



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8 thoughts on “The Sinister sequel finds a director

  1. This sounds good, Ryan. I didn’t like “Devil’s Due,” in which Scott served as co-writer for Atom Egoyan, but I like how his horror is distinct (see: “Emily Rose” and “Sinister”). Foy, on the other hand, is skillful where mood of film is concerned; I believe him directing and Scott writing may possibly bring about a great horror feature–considering the ‘sequel’ circumstances.

    1. Yea, I agree. It should be a solid combination and I always like when the little guys get a shot at something big like this. Should be fun!

  2. I absolutely loved SINISTER, so I can’t deny that I’m excited to see this, but it makes me nervous that it’s not Scott Derrickson directing the sequel. However, I really liked CITADEL, so I think it could still be enjoyable.

    1. Yea, I think the most interesting part is seeing how Foy directs Derrickson’s script. It’s a huge opportunity for him, I hope he nails it.

  3. I really liked Sinister and I hope the sequel will explore more about the masked man. I will watch this one definitely!

  4. SPOILER ALERT! Though I’m sure I’m not spoiling anything for most people reading this.

    This is the first time I can recall where I not only screamed when I saw it in the theater (with the latest sound system, as loud as it could get without driving people away) but my hands flew up in the air, like a leading lady in an Hitchcock movie. Not to brag or nothin’, but I usually sound like a (pretty good) scream queen, to the point where I warn people around me I’m a screamer (if they look cool, if they look like talkers or texters they’re on their own). This time my scream came out like AAAAAHHHHG!! Not high or womanly, just raw terror. My voice was a little scratchy the next day.

    I caught up with a friend a couple weeks ago who missed it in the theater but had rented it, and he said he yelled, jumped, and his popcorn flew all over.

    The “Lawn Party” (or was it “Yard Work”?) scene (where even Ellison yells and falls off his chair watching) should be taught in film school as an example of an exceptionally skillful jump scare. The jumps where there’s a build-up (like the jump at the very end, which Derrickson said on the commentary was requested by the studio, as ‘one last scream’, so he added it) are scary but the ones that really traumatize me are the ones where you’re maybe in a slightly uneasy mood, but it still seems to come REALLY suddenly (like the demon peeking out from whasshisname out of the fucking blue in Insidious, which I also saw in the theater). The entire movie was great and scary as hell – I just hope they get the same composer for the sequel. I try not to get too excited for sequels to horror movies I really loved because I’ve been let down too much, but I think on this one I may be pleasantly surprised.

    1. I didn’t love Sinister as much as most, but I found some of it to be legitimately creepy. The ending of that movie totally took me out of it though. I’m interested to see what Foy does with it. Should be cool.

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