Who would you like to see play Pennywise in the new adaptation of IT?

There’s a lot going for the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT as we just learned that Warner Bros. has shifted the project to their New Line division, who hope to re-spark the studio with a focus on the horror genre. With an aim to deliver a two film adaptation of King’s classic novel and a director like True Detective’s Cary Fukunaga at the helm, I’d say this one is off to a fantastic start. But perhaps the most searing question surrounding the film has to be the big question mark on who is going to take on the iconic role of Pennywise, who was terrifyingly portrayed by Tim Curry in the 1990 miniseries.

Although I’m sure the studio already has their eyes set on a handful of actors to don the red nose, I’d like to hear your thoughts on who you would like to see play Pennywise. Not only do they have to look the part, but they’ve got to have a special kind of charisma to bring such an iconic, and horrifying character to life on the screen.

Which is exactly why I’d like to see an actor like Paul Giamatti suit up in clown attire and haunt our dreams. He’s a brilliant actor who always brings something special to his characters whether they be funny, dramatic or even villainous, and I have no doubt he’d turn in an unbelievable performance as the one and only Pennywise. Alright, folks, now it’s your turn. Tell me who you would cast as Pennywise in Cary Fukunaga’s IT!


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18 thoughts on “Who would you like to see play Pennywise in the new adaptation of IT?

  1. Pennywise is so iconic because of his eery humor and comic nature, his dead pan gaze and maliciousness…maybe an unknown with a theatre background, someone who’s older and not from Hollywood…the key is to not think of the actor playing him but only Pennywise, the great thing about Tim Curry is how unbelievably different Pennywise was from him.

    1. Spot on! I wouldn’t mind seeing an unknown step into Pennywise’s shoes. It’s really going to be interesting to see who ends up taking the role because it could certainly make or break this one.

  2. Curry was hideously miscast as Pennywise, a character whose threat and evil nature goes way deeper than snarling everything you say in the back of your throat. Then again that whole 1990 movie was about as deep and scary as a puddle of tapwater. Cranston and Giamatti would both be excellent. Malkovich would be alright at the creepy; not so sure about the vicious. Chris Elliott could do well as he also has the ability to play both clowning childlike nice guys and incredibly creepy predators.

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