First poster for Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans

Universal’s Dracula Untold (formerly Dracula: Year Zero) has just delivered a very cool one-sheet in which we see the film’s star, Luke Evans, standing over Transylvania wielding a sword and watching his cape turn to bats. Details are still slim on Dracula Untold as of right now, but what we do know is that Evans is starring as the most famous of vampires in an origin story that sees a Transylvanian prince risk eternal damnation in order to save his wife and son from a Turkish horde.

It’s nice to be getting a story that will center around the beginning of one of horror’s most iconic monsters—Dracula—rather than rehashing a story we’ve all seen before, so it definitely has a lot of potential in that regard. The only thing that has me worried about this one, however, is that it is being pegged as an “action-adventure” which could take a lot away from the character of Dracula who has haunted the genre for years. Evans is without a doubt a solid choice to play the titular role, and I really like the idea of an origin story so I’m definitely on board until we at least see a trailer.

Right now Dracula Untold, directed by Gary Shore, is set for an October 17, 2014 release date which puts in in theaters just before Halloween. Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Diarmaid Murtagh and Samantha Barks also star.


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11 thoughts on “First poster for Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans

    1. Yes. Not a high school, pre college Vamp either. A new version of an old time favorite that began a revolution that will never die. Other than Vlad, I can not remember one from the very beginning. I grew up glued to the black & white movies with the all time greats. Bella Lugosi, Lon Chaney, and Boris Karloff. more favs like Vincent price. Its time for a great Dracula movie that centers around the beginning. awesome with a big side of I Can’t wait to see this film.

      1. Yea, that’s how I feel about it as well. It’ll be nice to know what came before and how it all goes down. Evans is a great choice, I just hope they don’t go overboard and turn it into another Underworld flick.

  1. I love Dracula movies from the 60’s and up! I watch them all! This looks great cause it goes back to his wife and son. A new story YES! Hope it’s worth it Ryan.

    1. I agree 🙂 I think this movie will be a refreshing take on Dracula. People from the age of 60+ have all grown up watching. an intriguing character that was a true, real disturbing person. He is by far the only one ever to be proven to have lived , also really drank peoples blood. Can’t wait to see this. A fresh new take on his life. The movies thus far, begin way past the middle of his life. This will be a bad ass movie. I see a box office hit. !!!!! I have no doubts about this one.

    1. Yea, I feel you there, man. Not sure how I feel about it being an “action adventure” just yet. We’ll have to wait and see, though.

      1. Yes, pretty much exactly that. I think they could get away with it as long as it’s not overpowered by ridiculous CGI and what not. Who knows, I’m on the fence though.

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