Dance with the devil in the first terrifying trailer for At The Devil’s Door

The Pact director Nicholas McCarthy returns to the world of the supernatural with At The Devil’s Door, and today the first trailer has been released in all of its terrifying glory. These are my favorite kind of trailers, the ones that slowly cook until the last last minute or so just to drag you in before it chews you up and spits you out.

This is definitely one of my favorite trailers of the year so far simply because it builds this creeping atmosphere in such a short amount of time before delivering some genuine scares. But seriously though, stay until the final second… you’ll thank (hate) me later.

Catalina Sandino Moreno, Ashley Rickards and Naya Rivera all star in At The Devil’s Door, which goes like this:

Leigh (Catalina Sandino Moreno) is a real estate agent struggling to rise to the top of her profession. She’s asked to sell a house that happens to have a sinister past, only for her to run into the runaway daughter of the home owners. Leigh wants to help her, but in so doing she gets entangled in a series of supernatural occurrences that put Leigh’s immortal soul at risk.

IFC Midnight will be releasing At The Devil’s Door on VOD this August 8th with a theatrical release to follow on September 12th.

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If you are ever attacked by a gorilla just sit back and relax while you enjoy the once in a life time feeling of your limbs being ripped off.

9 thoughts on “Dance with the devil in the first terrifying trailer for At The Devil’s Door

  1. This is another one to look forward to! I think this strong move towards supernatural horror is interesting. Horror as a trajectory reveals much about what’s going on in the culture.

    1. That’s what’s so great about the supernatural genre. They can do whatever they want and get away with it. Makes for a really freaky flick.

      1. I agree, there’s pretty much no rules. ANY freaky shit could start to go down any minute. My husband is incredibly sick of the genre, which is too bad for him, since when one I really, really want to see opens up and I cannot wait for the DVD, he has to see them with me. Also sit right next to the loudest screamer in the theater during Mama, Sinister, Insidious (though a couple men screamed pretty loud in that one), The Conjuring… actually he’s the best husband in the world.
        Anyway, love the genre when it’s done right… there’s so much possibility that when someone does it wrong and barely tries, I get pissed off. Man I hope James Wan comes back to horror…

      2. Exactly! When supernatural is done right in a movie, they’re hard to beat. James Wan will definitely be back, it just might be a while.

  2. Goddamnit Ryan! Okay, I am now over hating you and am now thanking you. This looks pretty frightening. I thought The Pact was kind of unfocused, but there were at least a couple scenes that, had I been viewing it in a movie theater, I would have screamed. The pacing on that was good… dark atsmosphere, creepy mood, build up, creepier mode, build up a little, sense of dread, start to get over the creeps a little bit and AAAAAAAH! GOOD LORD, WHAT JUST HAPPENED?
    I might put this on my “most anticipated of summer/fall 2014” list on Horror Boom.

    1. It’s amazing what a well paced/freaky trailer can do for you. This film pretty much came out of nowhere, yet it looks like one of the better entries of the year. Glad you liked it! Hope it delivers.

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