Mark Romanek in talks to direct The Shining prequel Overlook Hotel

The prequel to Stanley Kubrick’s classic The Shining has found its first victim in director Mark Romanek, who is in negotiations to helm Overlook Hotel, reports Variety. That’s not the first name we’ve seen get attached to the project, however, as we learned back in May that Alfonso Cuarón had supposedly been approached to bring this one to life. Apparently, all the rumors swirling around that Cuarón could be the man behind the camera of Overlook Hotel turned out to be totally false. Bummer. That being said, Romanek is a solid choice who’s work you might be most familiar with is 2010’s Never Let Me Go.

Former Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara has just turned in his draft for the original story which is actually based on a prologue that Stephen King himself wrote for The Shining, which was ultimately cut from the book before it was published in 1977.

Here’s how it goes:

The film will tell the origin story of the Overlook Hotel through the eyes of its first owner, Bob T. Watson. A robber baron at the turn of the 20th century, Watson scaled the remote peaks of the Colorado Rockies to build the grandest resort in America, and a place he and his family would also call home.

There’s certainly a story here to tell, that’s for sure. If there wasn’t Stephen King would have never have written the prologue in the first place. So it’ll be interesting to see how much Mazzara expands the story and how rooted in horror it will be. Will it be another supernatural tale of a man slowly losing his mind? Or will it be something entirely different? I know that a prequel to The Shining is far from necessary, but if it’s going to happen let’s just hope its good.

Art by Fernando Reza
Art by Fernando Reza


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6 thoughts on “Mark Romanek in talks to direct The Shining prequel Overlook Hotel

      1. Yeah, that’s the problem with this one. The Shining is perfect, and not knowing its origin story is what makes it so special. Leaves a lot up to the imagination.

  1. If they’re going to do it, they better do it right or a lot of people will be disappointed and it will be a waste of film. I’ll wait for the trailer from you and decide to watch it.

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