Sam Raimi is writing an Evil Dead TV series

Well this is something. With San Diego Comic-Con in full swing, a lot of cool tidbits on future movies and TV shows are flooding the internet, and although I’m trying to stay away from a lot of it, this bit of news was just too good to pass up. While on a panel for Screen Gems’ The Last of Us film, Sam Raimi—who is producing the adaptation—mentioned that he and his brother, Ivan Raimi, are writing a TV series based on Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell will be involved but Raimi didn’t mention in what capacity. He could simply be producing, but you would have to imagine that there’s a strong chance that Campbell could be bringing Ash back to life. Right?

There are no other details on the series right now but I’m sure we’ll be hearing an update on the project sooner rather than later, especially now that people are going to be bombarding Raimi with questions about it. I’m actually pretty excited about this because horror has been thriving on the small screen lately with shows like Bates Motel, Hannibal, Penny Dreadful and The Strain all doing quite well, this seems like a logical step for the Evil Dead franchise.

Obviously, there’s a ton of questions surrounding the approach to the show. Will it be a prequel series like Bates Motel that digs deeper into the mythology surrounding the Necronomicon? Or will it act as a direct sequel to the original franchise with an older Ash donning the chainsaw once again? Hell, it could even go an entirely different route, we just don’t know right now. It’s exciting stuff and I’m looking forward to the future of Evil Dead and what’s to come because a TV series opens up a huge door for the story of the franchise. I just hope that we see the series land on a network that’s going to give Raimi freedom to run wild with his vision and not hold him back. Netflix maybe? So many questions!


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2 thoughts on “Sam Raimi is writing an Evil Dead TV series

  1. I think this is great news, hopefully Bruce Campbell will return as ash and a network that will let Raimi do what he does best, glad it’s going to be a bloody mess. And about Guillermo’s The Strain, I forgot it was on. But will catch it next week. Glad it’s doing good in ratings.

    1. I agree with all of that. There’s certainly a lot of potential with an Evil Dead TV series, that’s for sure. The Strain is 2 episodes in so far and I’m really enjoying it. Pretty cool show so far!

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