Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead TV series will star Bruce Campbell!

It was only a couple of days ago when we learned that Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan were writing an Evil Dead TV series. At the time Raimi only said that Bruce Campbell was going to be “involved”, but we didn’t exactly know what that meant. Would Campbell be back to star in the iconic role of Ash?

Last night the man himself, Bruce Campbell, confirmed that the plan is to have him be the star of the series, which is all we could have really asked for. There’s still no word on which direction they’ll be heading in with the series. Is it going to tie into Fede Alvarez’s remake, or pick up years after Army of Darkness and be a direct continuation of the trilogy? Will the new series lead into an entirely new feature film? There are so many more questions!

It’s going to be interesting to see how long from now until we actually see this thing come to life. They still have to knock out the story and find the right home for the show before they start shooting anything, and who knows how long that’s going to take.


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