First official Horns trailer embraces the devil

And I thought the teaser trailer was good. Alexandre Aja’s long awaited adaptation of Joe Hill’s Horns is finally going to see the light of day as it will hit theaters on October 31st, and now we have an official trailer that gives us our best look at the film yet. What is there to say about this one that I haven’t said already? It looks so good!

When it was first announced that Aja was going to take the reins of Horns with none other than Harry Potter landing the role of Ig Perrish, it had a lot of people anxiously waiting to see the results. Now that we’ve seen a teaser and a full trailer, the tandem looks to have seriously paid off. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Radcliffe lend his amazing talent to the horror genre and hopefully it won’t be the last. I’d like to see him do a film alongside Elijah Wood one of these days. Somebody make it happen!

Ignatius Perrish spent the night drunk and doing terrible things. He woke up the next morning with a thunderous hangover, a raging headache . . . and a pair of horns growing from his temples.

At first Ig thought the horns were a hallucination, the product of a mind damaged by rage and grief. He had spent the last year in a lonely, private purgatory, following the death of his beloved, Merrin Williams, who was raped and murdered under inexplicable circumstances. A mental breakdown would have been the most natural thing in the world. But there was nothing natural about the horns, which were all too real.

Horns also stars Juno Temple, Max Minghella, David Morse, Joe Anderson, Kathleen Quinlan and James Remar.



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9 thoughts on “First official Horns trailer embraces the devil

  1. Am I the only one that thinks this looks a bit awful? The way it looks reminds me of the Twilight films and if anybody has seen “The Woman in Black” you’ll know that Radcliffe is a spotty actor. I’m just not buying the hype is all. I did like the touch of how his voice gets deeper as the horns grow larger.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see if Daniel can ever overcome his Harry Potter character. Hopefully he won’t end up like Linda Blair and forever seen as that one iconic character.

    1. That’s a great point. If Radcliffe continues to keep choosing outside-of-the-box characters like this and his upcoming role as Igor in Frankenstein then I think he’ll be able to slowly break away from the whole Harry Potter thing.

      1. It looks like he might have taken a few acting classes as well since the lady in black. I’m excited to see this one!

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