Universal’s The Mummy reboot is definitely not going to be a horror movie

Well, this is a bummer…

A few weeks ago Universal dropped some rather big news on the horror world when they announced that they are going to revamp their entire monster universe by weaving together new stories of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Dracula, The Mummy and so on into one existing world; kind of like what Marvel did with their comic book films. Sounds pretty cool, right? Except there’s a little problem with this whole thing. They’re going to kick the entire universe off with The Mummy—which has already been slated for a May 22, 2016 release—and it’s going to be spearheaded by Alex Kurtzman, who also happens to have a heavy hand in bringing the rest of these classic monsters back to the big screen.

I’m not bummed about the fact that The Mummy is going to be the start of this whole new universe, I’m bummed because it’s not going to be a horror movie. According to THR, The Mummy reboot is going to be an action-adventure tentpole rather than you know… a horror film. An action centered version of this classic story would be totally fine and all if we hadn’t already seen it when Stephen Sommers did it in 1999. And that annoys the hell out of me.

But this brings up my next issue. If they’re already going to start this universe off with an action flick, it makes me wonder what the other films are going to look like. Will we be seeing our favorite movie monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula turned into just another summer action movie, rather than the terrifying horror icons that helped shape the genre? I just want to see these monsters get the treatment they deserve. They’re monsters after all, let them do what they do best.  Let them scare us, don’t turn them into just another blockbuster.


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25 thoughts on “Universal’s The Mummy reboot is definitely not going to be a horror movie

    1. Yeah, that’s what I thought as well. It’d be nice to see these icons get the true horror treatment they deserve. Hopefully the other films down the line will focus more on being scary than on action. We have plenty of time to wait, that’s for sure!

      1. I dunno… We may get creamed by a bus and die tomorrow. You know, like that chick on final destination. Like, explosively creamed! ANd then no more waiting for us. 😉

  1. The concept is pretty awesome, but they are totally going to butcher it if they go the action route. Don’t get me wrong… I, with no shame whatsoever, loved the Brendan Fraser flick. But they are going in the wrong direction if that’s what they are feeling for this series. Shit on our dreams. I guess we will have to sit back and just find out!
    Oh btw! The new layout looks awesome 😉

  2. This worries me. It almost sounds like a cash grab instead of a reverent reimagining of these classic characters. I don’t know what to think about it.

    1. That’s a great point. It sounds like they’re looking at more of being a blockbuster than anything else. I want to be excited about it, but I’m having a hard time.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE all the old horror movies – I’d rather watch a Bela Lugosi or Vincent Price movie for the thousandth time than watch anything new. And now Hollywood has to screw up everything. I think I’ll skip these.

  4. Oh boy. It sounds like they’re going to homogenize these monsters and make them more like the Marvel franchise. Blech. Yes, let’s make all summer movies boring and full of explosions in the hopes that 18-24 year-old male moviegoers will finance our year-end bonuses.

    Not that I’m bitter.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better. The idea of them turning these classic monsters into something like the superhero franchises is a tough pill to swallow. We have plenty of time to see how it all turns out so who knows.

  5. Dang. Like many of you stated, it should be a horror movie, not an action/adventure. If we want to see that, we can just toss the very recent Stephen Sommers films into our DVD players. Give us horror! If it ends up being another Action/Adventure, when we’ve had that so recently, I think I’ll just pass it up and not see it, thank you very much.

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