Eerie new trailer for The Canal will get into your head

The newest trailer for Ivan Kavanagh’s psychological creeper delivers the scares and a release date!

October 10th will be the day that Ivan Kavanagh’s eerie new horror film The Canal scares up VOD platforms, so on the heels of that news is an all new trailer for the film that delivers plenty of chills. Unlike the trailer we saw a few days ago, this one wastes no time as it dives straight into the film’s unsettling atmosphere as we watch a man slowly descend into madness.

The trailer alone is trippy as hell and offers a pretty fantastic look at the film. It almost needs no dialog as the visuals themselves are powerful enough to give you a sense of the horrors that The Canal has hiding up its sleeve. With this trailer and all the positive words surrounding the film, I’d say that The Canal should be on your “must see” list of horror movies coming out this year. Check it out!

The Canal tells the story of David Williams and his wife, Alice, who move into a beautiful period house by the canal with their small child, Billy. As David begins to suspect that his wife is cheating on him, he also starts to have nightmarish visions of an evil presence he believes inhabits his home.

It stars Rupert Evans and Antonia Campbell-Hughes, with Hannah Hoekstra, Kelly Byrne and Steve Oram.

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3 thoughts on “Eerie new trailer for The Canal will get into your head

  1. Hi Ryan I love the new layout and logo! Keep up the fantastic work. This is my favorite horror blog of them all as we have pretty much the same taste. Except that you dig comedy-horror hybrids and try as I may I cant get into them. Unless I grew up with them. Total exceptions made for the Evil Dead series and Dellamore Delamorte.

    1. Thank you so much, Jill! I appreciate the kind words and I’m glad to have readers like you who keep coming by for more horror news. I can see how you’d have a hard time getting into horror-comedies; it’s hard to find one that balances the two genres like Evil Dead II did.

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