The Leatherface origin story revs up its chainsaw

A teenage Leatherface is coming our way, time to bust out the proactive.

Origin stories are becoming the go-to route when re-introducing old characters to the big screen as we’re starting to see it more and more these days. It’s not such a bad thing, really, when you look at the success of  A&E’s Bates Motel which managed to pull off a fantastic prequel series telling the untold story of Norman Bates. Now, it appears that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is going to try its hand at telling audiences the early years of one of horror’s most iconic psychopaths—Leatherface.

The film, which will be titled Leatherface, has already nabbed a writer in Seth M. Sherwood, who has been handed the tough job of coming up with a story that is said to serve as an origin story that follows Leatherface’s early years in the 1970s. The Wrap, who broke the news yesterday, says that the film is expected to start shooting as early as this winter. That means we’ll be hearing plenty of news on this one in the coming months as a director is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

While I do think that a Leatherface origin story could actually turn out to be a great idea, and might even help get this franchise back on the right path, I’m a little annoyed that they wasted everyone’s time with the the most recent Texas Chainsaw 3D. Even though it wasn’t really that great of a flick, it at least came up with a story that I think a lot of people were curious to see where it was headed. So now they’re just completely ignoring that film altogether by going a entirely new direction. This franchise is starting to get impossible to follow, so I think the most we can hope for is that they stick to their guns and continue the franchise starting with this prequel.

As far as a teenage Leatherface goes, I think it could be interesting… especially if they shine a bright light on the entire family and the impact they have on a young Leatherface.


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6 thoughts on “The Leatherface origin story revs up its chainsaw

  1. Ryan I think this would be real interesting. Going back to leatherface as a teenager and more about his screwed up family, i’d definitely would watch it. If they add comedy no way!

  2. I like the idea for sure. But personally i’m pretty tired of this franchise hahah. it hasn’t been good in awhile

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