The Editor trailer and poster pays tribute to giallo cinema

Astron-6 deliver their most ambitious project yet!

The mad men of cinema, Astron-6 (Father’s DayManborg), are back with their giallo parody The Editor, which follows a one-time (and now one-handed) master film editor toiling in the cinematic sweatshops of 1970s Italy, who becomes the prime suspect in a series of brutal murders.

It’s a very unique looking little film that aims to pay tribute to the gory giallo thrillers of Mario Bava and Dario Argento except with a comedic twist. The trailer itself, which you can find below, actually comes off like a straight-faced horror flick. That is, until the 26 second mark where we get an over-the-top shot of some dude’s kickass mustache. Pure gold right there. Anyway, definitely keep an eye out for this one. It looks like a lot of fun!

Right now the film is doing the usual festival rounds, so there’s no word on when we can actually get to see it for ourselves. Matthew Kennedy, Adam Brooks, Udo Kier and the wonderful Paz de la Huerta all star. I’m actually pretty pumped about the fact that de la Huerta is going to show up in this one. She’s such an awesome presence and always brings a wonderfully weird element to her characters. Take a look!



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