Teaser poster for Insidious: Chapter 3 warns of something in your room

Leigh Whannell goes into the further alone.

The next chapter in the Insidious franchise sees Leigh Whannell, who co-wrote and starred in the previous two films, take the helm now that James Wan has opted to use his talents outside of the realm of horror. With a release date already set for May 29th, 2015, Insidious: Chapter 3 is moving along nicely and today we’ve got our first teaser poster for the film. While it’s not the greatest, the art does display some very creepy text that warns of something living in the vents of your room.

As far as the third film is concerned, Whannell has decided to take the franchise in an intriguing direction as it will act as a prequel rather than a sequel. Now that he’s steering the franchise without long-time collaborator, James Wan, it’s important for Whannell to breathe new life into the mythology that was setup in the first two films. And by taking the prequel route, it allows the film to explore a different story without having to worry about what happened in the previous films. It’s a smart move if you ask me and I’m excited to see where Whannell takes the franchise now.

There isn’t much known about the plot of this one, but what we do know is that it will reveal more mysteries of the otherworldly realm The Further.

Insidious: Chapter 3 stars Dermot Mulroney and Stefanie Scott alongside Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, and Mr. Whannell, with the latter trio reprising their roles from the first two movies in the franchise.


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24 thoughts on “Teaser poster for Insidious: Chapter 3 warns of something in your room

    1. The second one is very strange and kind of goofy, but it’s a pretty solid horror flick overall. The third one is going to be very interesting so you should definitely catch up, slacker!

      1. Yeah I definitely need to catch up, I remember the first one was pretty odd – probably need to watch it again to remind myself what happen.

  1. The second one got a lot of flack and people I know hated it, but I thought it was ok, considering how much horror is crap. BTW, I love horror, but a lot of it is crap!

  2. *shakes head* *rubs eyes* What! I had no idea Leigh Whannell had any involvement in this project. Wow. Shows how closely I’ve been paying attention to Insidious, eh? 😉

    Obviously, I don’t have this high on my own list but now that I’ve learned about this casting, I’ll be going back and watching this all the way from the beginning I do believe. I absolutely loved what they did in Saw, and simply presumed that was the only time they’ve collaborated together.

    1. He also co-wrote Wan’s Dead Silence and starred in Death Sentence. His character in the Insidious films is pretty cool, too. They’re fun flicks and pretty creepy. There’s definitely much worse out there!

      1. Cool. Like I said I really really dug what those two were able to come up with on a shoestring budget, so I’d be remiss to. . .er, miss things with either of them in it! 🙂

  3. Hm, I dunno, that poster is pretty crappy. The poem is just weird, and doesn’t flow right. I enjoyed the first film quite a bit, even though the ending was pretty silly. But the second one was awful. Just boring. The third will have to improve quite a bit if I’m to bother with it at all.

  4. Ah, the question is…are we really interested in Leigh Whannell by himself? Isn’t this what happened with the Saw franchise and look how that went!

    1. He’s learned a lot since then, but you’re right, Wan is definitely a huge piece of the franchise to be missing. That’s why I’m excited to see how Whannell does with Insidious!

  5. Ryan I hope it goes to the very beginning to show what happened. I saw 1-2, I hope it won’t be disappointing, but i will see this one,can’t wait for the trailer.

  6. I kind of like the poster actually with the text heavy approach. Has been done before, but not as much as most movie poster designs. Glad to see Whannell taking on more and more responsibility. He is a talented dude. I quite liked the first film, but for some reason never got around to checking out the second one.

    1. Yeah I’m excited to see how this one turns out with Whannell writing and directing. The second one is solid, especially if you liked the first film.

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