Charlotte’s Song trailer is no fairytale

What if The Little Mermaid was a horror flick?

Well, I can’t say I saw this coming. Just when you think you’ve seen all the genre has to offer, someone reimagines The Little Mermaid under a horrific light that echoes elements of Pan’s Labyrinth and Carnivale. That someone is director Nicholas Humphries, who spins a gritty tale set in the 1930s about a young girl who discovers that she, much like her mother before her, is a mermaid capable of terrible things. There’s actually a trailer that proves this movie exists and it’s surprisingly gorgeous, and just as terrifying.

The movie is certainly off-the-wall enough to bring something new to the genre as it’s a bit reminiscent of the classic creature features of old, practical effects and all. There’s no word on when we’ll actually be able to get our hands on this one, so if you’re as curious as I am to see how this reimagined fairytale turns out, you’re going to have to live with the trailer for now. Take a look.

What follows in Charlotte’s Song is a sophisticated magical turf war in which antagonists from many camps seek to take advantage of Charlotte’s power. The best and worst of humanity are put on display and Charlotte must choose her own path, knowing that the wrong decision will have deadly consequences for the people she loves.

Directed by Nicholas Humphries, Charlotte’s Song stars Iwan Rheon and Katelyn Mager.

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If you are ever attacked by a gorilla just sit back and relax while you enjoy the once in a life time feeling of your limbs being ripped off.

6 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Song trailer is no fairytale

  1. I’m quite surprised to say I’m looking forward to this, fairytale turned horror sounds right up my street XD

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