Review: What We Do in the Shadows and the immortal bond between monsters

There’s no doubting that the vampire genre is stronger than ever right now with films like Let The Right One In, Let Me In, Thirst, Only Lovers Left Alive and Byzantium at the forefront of horror cinema. These monsters of the night have been leaving their mark on the genre for nearly 100 years, dating back to the era of silent films, yet filmmakers are still finding new ways to tell their stories.

Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi have not only done just that, but they’ve shined a light on cinema’s oldest of monsters in a way that has never been done before with their horror-comedy What We Do in the Shadows. Shot in a faux documentary style, What We Do in the Shadows is a brilliantly funny journey through the lives of a few vampires living together and the daily struggle of being immortals who must feast on blood.

Other than surviving on the blood of humans, sleeping in coffins and bursting into flames when exposed to the sun, the most intriguing aspect of vampires is the simple fact that they live forever. And because they live forever there’s always a rich history that follows their journey as an immortal, one that isn’t often explored in films. We saw a recent example of this in Jim Jarmusch’s excellent Only Lovers Left Alive, which was much more interested in delving into the lives of a couple of vampires and peeling back the layers of what it’s truly like to live forever.

While that film was a dark, brooding and almost depressing take on vampires, What We Do in the Shadows has the same approach, only it’s a hilarious, light-hearted and uplifting little film that shows the immortal bond shared between a few friends. And that’s what is so distinguished about Clement and Waititi’s film; the story isn’t so much about the fact that they’re monsters, it’s about a few centuries old friends who happen to have to lure innocent people into their home and drink their blood in order to stay alive, you know, that sorta thing.

It’s all wonderfully tied together by the best set of characters we’re likely to see this year in Vladislav, Viago, Deacon and the newly turned vamp, Nick. Each are given their own time to shine as the narrative smartly weaves throughout their personalities while never abandoning the idea of friendship. Like most friends, despite the occasional fight and the desire to drive a stake through their hearts, they’re at their very best when they’re together; just like it should be.

What more is there to say? It’s a charming film with witty dialogue, amazing characters and plenty of monsters prowling the night. The best part, though, is that it’s genuinely hilarious and it comes to life thanks to smart writing and unforgettable characters. What We Do in the Shadows is a great addition to the genre, one that is all about friendship and the eternal bond between a few fanged besties.


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14 thoughts on “Review: What We Do in the Shadows and the immortal bond between monsters

  1. Great stuff, Ryan
    .Absolutely hilarious little film. “deacon hasn’t done the dishes in 5 years”… “Werewolves not Swearwolves”. Haha!

    I was pissing myself with laughter throughout this. By far the best comedy I’ve seen in ages.

    1. Yeah, it’s great! It’s unbelievably quotable, too. So many golden moments. I particularly like when they compare virgin blood to eating a sandwich. lol.

      1. Yes! That was amazing. I’d like to see a spinoff with the Werwolves’ point of view and see how they live together. That’d be some funny shit.

      2. That would be excellent! They werewolves had me in stiches whenever they appeared.
        Making sure they take off their good clothes and don’t ruin them with the fulll moon approaching. Hahaha!

  2. “A few fanged besties. . . ” that’s a great line Ryan. hahaha. I am anticipating this one so hard it’s almost difficult to think it will live up to my expectations. But I have this idea that it will. I have loved the way this looks from the get-go and based on its’ rather universally adoring reviews I’m not really in any panic. We just need to get it, and pronto!!!

    1. Thanks, man! It comes out on VOD in a few weeks, so you won’t have to wait much longer! I felt the same way before I saw it, but it’s every bit as funny as others have suggested. What makes it work so well is that it presents vampires in a way we’ve never seen before. It’s just great. Looking forward to seeing what you think of it!

      1. My wait will continue to be long and arduous i’m afraid. No internet or cable at home!!!!! 😦

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