Short Round: What’s that in the Shadows?

There aren’t many things scarier than the shadows in a horror movie, especially when short film director Colin Berry is the one conjuring them up. Back in 2012, Berry graced us with his brilliant short film Prick, which made up for its lack of dialog with a sense of brooding atmosphere and unnerving imagery that did all the talking. Prick is really something special, and while it’s unfortunate that we’ve had to wait this long for something new, Berry has returned behind the camera in terrifying fashion with his new short film Shadows.

Bound in darkness, Shadows is a prime example of horror kept simple as Berry uses eerie silence and sinister shadows to create a terrifying world within the walls of an office building. He smartly dedicates the first few minutes of the film to building a creepy-crawly tension before revealing what’s hidden in the shadows, and what a reveal it is. Instead of relying on jump scares (something a lot of shorts are guilty of), Shadows instead dares the audience to look away because the camera never does. It’s the kind of unveiling the genre rarely sees, making Berry’s latest a special brand of unhinging horror.

Deep into the night, a lone office worker must contend with an ominous presence.

Shot on a shoestring budget, Shadows stars Corey Sevier and was written and executive produced by E.M Walker. Check it out below and find more short films like Shadows by visiting the Short Round!

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4 thoughts on “Short Round: What’s that in the Shadows?

    1. This one is great, super creepy and very well done. Prick is a stunning film, definitely check it out. The name will make a lot more sense after you see it!

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