Meet your teenage Leatherface, Sam Strike

Inside tandem Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo have been hard at work on their Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel, one that will tell the origin story of an iconic cinematic monster, Leatherface. It’s kind of a big deal, too, because Maury and Bustillo’s film isn’t about the mask, it’s about the man under it and the boy that would eventually become it.

I tend to lean on the side of not wanting to know every little thing about our movie’s monsters, the mystery behind them is an important piece to making them scary. That said, when a franchise has been around since the mid 70s, maybe a new take on the character is exactly what it needs. And in the hands of two brilliantly twisted minds like Maury and Bustillo, I’d say there’s plenty to be excited about.

But a film like Leatherface, despite the talent behind the camera, can only go as far as its star takes it. That’s why todays news is pretty big, as EastEnders’ Sam Strike is reportedly in talks to lead the film as the titular psychopath. While Strike is a mostly unknown actor, Maury and Bustillo have an eye for talent and I’m excited to see how Strike approaches such an iconic character.

The film takes place in the 1970s and will see Strike play Jackson, the teenager who grows up to be Leatherface. My only hope is that Millennium Films uses this as an opportunity to get the franchise back on track. Don’t abandon the story that Maury and Bustillo are setting up because they’re giving Leatherface a clean slate here, one that could do wonders for this franchise.



Source: The Wrap

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17 thoughts on “Meet your teenage Leatherface, Sam Strike

  1. Maury and Bustillo are working on this one? I haven’t been this excited for a TCM film since the first one.

    1. Yeah, it’s a pretty crazy choice. It’s nice to finally be excited about a TCM flick, that’s for sure. I wish other franchises would make some inspired choices like this one.

      1. You’re not missing anything haha. But yeah the kid is good. I actually really liked him anyway, but that might be because he’s young and cute and I think he looks a bit like a pixie.

        I mean young and cute like a kitten, not in a sex object way.

        It really was a ‘WTF’ moment. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of my all time favourite films. ~So my interest was immediately up. And then I see the ‘kid from Eastenders’ who is such a cutie pie, about to play Leatherface! What!


      2. Haha! Yeah, I wasn’t going to go out of my way to watch ‘EastEnders’, so I’ll take your word for it! The original TCM is such a good, raw horror movie so I’m glad to see it back in the hands of a couple of true horror directors. It’ll be interesting to see how the kid handles it. Even if he does look like a pixie.

      3. I didn’t even know he was by his real name, I was going to look it up as I do watch Eastenders (yeah…and?!) and was intrigued. I recognised him from the picture though.

        He hasn’t actually been in it for AGES, at all. Some storyline where they disappear to Manchester or Southend or New Zealand….

        So maybe he has been working on a new prequel horror movie?!!!!!!

        It’s difficult to speculate isn’t it. The original film was so….raw. Your word was good. There is a lot to be said of 70s (and 80s!) horror and sometimes I doubt we can truly go back there and do it again. Films are different now, films like Texas Chainsaw don’t really exist, not really. But having said that, I’m still excited for this prequel! Like you said, a couple of ‘proper’ horror directors are doing it, and I’m sure it will be gory and uncomfortable. The subject of Leatherface growing up will undoubtedly be very interesting!

        Yes…even if he does look like a pixie! 🙂

      4. That’s very true, they just don’t make movies that way anymore. There aren’t iconic slashers like there used to be, unless they’re remakes or sequels to the originals. That’s actually why I’m glad to see that they’re going the prequel route, it’s something that at least hasn’t been done to death and could actually be used as a spring board to more quality films.

        They’re going to have to mess up that baby face of his if it’s going to be convincing, though!

      5. I know!!! Pixie Face = Leather Face = Emma’s Sad Face

        It’s true isn’t it. Even if someone wanted to make a movie like the good old days, they couldn’t!

        I watched In the Mouth of Madness a couple of months ago, I was watching it and I thought WHY don’t they do this kind of stuff anymore? Proper nightmarish and monster-ish! Even a bit cheap haha. Then I realised they can’t make it anymore. It just doesn’t happen.

        But having said that I’m not a film snob at all, I’ve enjoyed many remakes and sequels even if only to watch once for the fun of it. Everyone hated the Nightmare on Elm Street remake (and I’m a HUGE fan of the original franchise) but I thought it was okay for a one-time-watch!

        So I’m not getting on my high horse or anything 🙂 I can’t wait to see this prequel!!!!!!! And like you say, could even lead to more, great movies 🙂

      6. I’d love to see more stuff like In the Mouth of Madness, especially with today’s technology. Who knows, maybe we’ll one day get back into that style of horror. Independent films are doing some great work in the genre, so if it ever does happen again, it will start there.

        I’m a huge fan of remakes (I know most people hate them) because I like seeing a classic film re-interpreted for better or worse. The Evil Dead remake is a thing of beauty, loved that movie.

      7. Yay! Glad it’s not just me. I get sick of hearing pretentious, snobby attitudes to be quite honest. And no-one is forced to watch a remake or sequel……just don’t watch them for goodness sake.

        Ahhh I still haven’t seen The Evil Dead remake (after that big speech on remakes!) but I would love to. It looks pretty scary actually. Though I still find the original quite scary…! (shhh)

        I’ve enjoyed many remakes over the years, whether it’s a one-off or genuinely amazing viewing experience. For instance I thought the US remake The Ring was genuinely better and scarier than Ringu.

        It’s weird synchronicity, but after reading your post about the Texas Chainsaw prequel, I’ve seen stuff about it online a few times now!

      8. Definitely check out the Evil Dead remake when you can, it’s amazing (if you like lots of blood)! Raimi and Campbell both produced and were a huge part of the film, so there’s a lot of old school stuff in there.

      9. Me and my brother went to watch it recently, we thought we had it downloaded but the copy was all skew-wiff. We ended up watching Dark Skies instead haha.

        I will definitely watch it and I DO like blood! (fake blood)

        That’s great they were both involved! Thanks.

  2. P.S just a thought but “Egg from This Life” would have been a strange choice for a post-apocalyptic, zombie show not that long ago! I hope it works out for Pixie from Eastenders 🙂

  3. I hope I’m not banned for life from your site for saying this but I didn’t like the original TCM AT ALL. I was so excited to see it (obvis this was wayyyy back when) because I knew it was a “classic” – I was bored out of my mind. It wasn’t the era it came from because I’m a fan of that, it was just the film itself. Like, I could see WHY it was a classic but I absolutely just hated it. So, I will be skipping this one. Cute kid though – totally a pixie! 😉

    1. BANNED!

      Actually, I totally understand your dislike for the film. It’s pretty slow for a movie that’s talked up to be terrifying and “gory”. If it makes you feel any better, I’m not much of a fan of Friday the 13th and I kind of hate the Scream franchise.

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