That Gremlins remake you forgot about found a writer

Nearly one year ago today it was said that a Gremlins remake was hitting the fast track to the big screen. And while that obviously hasn’t happened, that doesn’t mean it just disappeared. Like it or not, a new take on Joe Dante’s 1984 classic will be here sooner than later, and now we know who will have a hand in making it a reality.

It was announced today that Warner Bros. has tapped Carl Ellsworth—writer of the upcoming Goosebumps—to pen the script for the Gremlins remake. On top of that, some of the film’s original talent is back on board to produce with both original writer Christopher Columbus and Steven Spielberg, who acted as exec producer on the original, returning. While it’s certainly nice to see a couple of names like Columbus and Spielberg steering things behind the scenes, I can’t help but notice that Joe Dante is nowhere to be found; hopefully that will change (it wont). My only real concern here is Ellsworth, who penned films like Disturbia and the remakes of Red Dawn and The Last House on the Left; not exactly a great line-up, that’s for sure. With that said, perhaps his take on Goosebumps—which we’ll see in October—could bring confidence to Gremlins… I hope.

Who knows, it might be another year before we hear about this remake again, so I wouldn’t get too worried just yet. A writer is certainly a good place to start, though, but there’s still plenty of question marks surrounding the remake—like, who will take a seat in the director’s chair? Columbus maybe? Your guess is as good as mine.

I like to give remakes the benefit of the doubt, even with this one. I think Gremlins is the perfect vehicle for a remake, especially with today’s technology and the ability to seamlessly blend practical effects with CGI. But that’s the key with this one because it all hinges on how they plan on bringing it back to life. If they keep it practical, we could see the return of a very special brand of horror that got lost over the years. There’s nothing wrong with the original—that’s why we call it a classic—but you have to admit, seeing those cute (and ugly) bastards on the big screen again is worth celebrating. Right?

Art by Randy Ortiz

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9 thoughts on “That Gremlins remake you forgot about found a writer

    1. Nice! It’s a fantastic print (I actually have it hanging on my wall), and mondo has a few other cool ones you should check out, too.

  1. I had NO IDEA they were planning to remake Gremlins. The original film is a bit cheesy to watch now, so it will be interesting to see what improved technology can do. However, I’m a little apprehensive about a remake. Here’s hoping they don’t “ruin” it…

    1. Yeah it’s been a remake they’ve been threatening for years it seems. Now, though, it looks like it’s definitely going to happen. I agree, I think Gremlins could actually benefit from a remake if done right. I’ll be here hoping as well!

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