There’s no place like home in the trailer for Estranged

Coming out of nowhere is the utterly fantastic trailer for Adam Levins’ psychological thriller Estranged, a film in which a wheelchair-bound woman with long-term memory loss discovers that her beloved relatives are far from loving. The film will make its World Premiere at this year’s Newport Beach Film Festival on April 29th, so if you’re in the neighborhood you might want to give this one a shot.

Gorgeously shot and swallowed by brooding atmosphere, the trailer for Estranged is a dark, gothic look at Levins’ tale of being surrounded by an evil family of which you have no memory of. It’s a deeply unsettling idea and no doubt the perfect set-up for a psychological slice of indie horror.

Due to a near-fatal accident that has left her incapacitated and suffering long-term memory loss, a wheelchair-bound woman returns home after being abroad for six years accompanied by her bohemian boyfriend, the apparent cause of the accident. Unable to remember her family or her own childhood, she sets out to uncover the reason for her leaving all those years ago.  She quickly discovers her beloved relatives may not be as loving as they appeared to be.

Estranged stars James Cosmo, Amy Manson, Simon Quarterman, James Lance, Nora-Jane Noone, Craig Conway and Eileen Nicholas.


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9 thoughts on “There’s no place like home in the trailer for Estranged

  1. This looks great! It’s spooky, can’t wait to see it. You would think you have a great family and they love you only to find out they don’t.. Pure evil.

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