Rob Zombie’s 31 reveals nightmarish new stills

Now that Rob Zombie has wrapped production on his new Halloween-set shocker, 31, there has been a steady flow of stills from the film, with the latest being a truly unsettling look at what Zombie has in store. Whether you dig his stuff or not, there’s no denying that Zombie knows his way around a camera and how to get the best out of a shot. These new stills (above and below), while mostly a mystery, are very reminiscent of his visually stunning The Lords of Salem.

We’re no doubt close to a teaser of sorts, but based on these stills alone, I really like what I see from 31. It seems like Zombie has blended his signature gritty, white trash aesthetic with the wonderfully haunting and gorgeous style he picked up on from Salem. So far, so good.

31 follows five carnival workers who are kidnapped the night before Halloween and held hostage in a large secret compound known as Murder World. Once there, they have 12 hours to survive a terrifying game called 31 in which “The Heads” – murderous maniacs dressed as clowns – are released to hunt them down and kill them.

Malcolm McDowell, Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Richard Brake and more star in the film, which was recently picked up by Alchemy for distribution here in the States.

rzdoll 31-rob-zombie31-photo-09

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19 thoughts on “Rob Zombie’s 31 reveals nightmarish new stills

  1. This sounds good. I hope Rob delivers this time. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it.

  2. In the 70’s a lot of films went to the mid-west US to find cults and Satan worshiping peoples in the desert (Satan’s Reign, Race with the Devil, etc.). I knew Zombie would eventually tackle this retro subject and It looks like this is the film where he does it 🙂 Look forward to this one!

    1. I’m excited to see if he finally puts all the pieces together for one of his films. He’s so close to something great, and I hope this is it!

      1. I actually liked, ‘Lords’ very much and although he gave it the music video treatment for the ending I was still engaged with it. This looks like it could be even better but Rob will definitely put his signature stamp on it somewhere in the film – some people will like that and some people won’t.

      2. I felt like Zombie was really onto something with Salem, it just didn’t quite hit me the way I was hoping. The ending was just too… off. You’re right, though, he’s certainly still going to make a very Rob Zombie movie.

  3. This looks great! Can’t wait to see it. I hate horror movies with clowns, but I thought what if I was in that situation and yes I would be scared if clowns where hunting me down to kill me. I really like Rob Zombie’s movies.

      1. Have I ever told you WHY I’m afraid of clowns, lol? When I was a child (around 3-4 years), I had a Raggedy Annie clown doll. Kind of like the one in “Poltergeist” but not as creepy – mine was cute and sweet. And I loved it and it stayed with me every night. Until I had the dream…the dream where my clown doll, that was almost as tall as I was, came to life and tried to kill me…with a knife…Then my lovely, sweet, murderous doll went into the basement, never to reappear again, lol. I hadn’t seen anything frightening with clowns at that point of my life so I don’t know where the dream came from but it was TERRIBLE. And THAT is why I’m afraid of clowns. THE END (That was kind of long, sorry, lol!)

      2. Oh, damn! Yeah that’s an amazingly awesome/terrifying dream. No movie could get worse than that, though, so I think you’d be fine 😉

  4. People can say what they want about Rob Zombie, and I admit I was slow to appreciate him, but there is absolutely no one currently out there like him. I look forward to this, and I think this is, again, the first I’ve heard of a new horror. You’re racking up some serious points dude! 😉

    1. Nice, man, glad to shed some light on this one for you. I’m with you on Zombie, too, there’s nobody making movies like he does for the genre. Really hoping he nails this one.

  5. I freaking LOVE Zombie – everything he’s got. I am so looking forward to this, yay!! Those stills are looking beautiful ❤

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