Giallo-Inspired The Editor bloodies up a new trailer!

One of last year’s most buzzed about films was a mad little giallo-inspired indie thriller from Astron-6, the twisted minds behind Father’s Day and Manborg, so today I’m excited to spread the word that this gem not only has a new trailer, but a release date as well! It’s a good day, folks!

Expect the Blu-ray and DVD to hit shelves this  September 8th. So while we wait for this one to finally grace us with its colorful madness, dig on the fantastic new trailer below!

Rey Ciso was once the greatest editor the world had ever seen. Since a horrific accident left him with four wooden fingers on his right hand, he’s had to resort to cutting pulp films and trash pictures. When the lead actors from the film he’s been editing turn up murdered at the studio, Rey is fingered as the number one suspect. The bodies continue to pile up in this absurdist giallo-thriller as Rey struggles to prove his innocence and learn the sinister truth lurking behind the scenes.

Its stars Paz de la Huerta, Samantha Hill, Laurence R. Harvey, Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeney, Tristan Risk and Udo Kier.


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If you are ever attacked by a gorilla just sit back and relax while you enjoy the once in a life time feeling of your limbs being ripped off.

8 thoughts on “Giallo-Inspired The Editor bloodies up a new trailer!

  1. I can get behind this! 🙂 On a side note, I’ve been catching up on some movies – Faults: blew my fucking mind. Dude. Babadook: Seriously fun and yes, that kid was hella annoying, lol. And It Follows: highly disappointed. 😔 It’s not that it was BAD but it so didn’t live up to the hype. Sad-making.

    1. Faults is a hell of a flick, glad you caught that one! Some wonderful performances, too! I felt that way about The Babadook; I thought it was good, but waaay over-hyped. I haven’t seen It Follows yet, but hoping the hype hasn’t destroyed that one as well.

    1. Right!? If you google ‘The Editor movie poster’, you’ll find even more amazing posters for this film. Seriously, some of the best!

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