Short Round: A not so Merry Christmas with Deathly Presents

Bloody Cuts, The folks behind two of my favorite Short Round entries—Don’t Move and Suckablood—are back just in time for Christmas, this time with an all-new short film Deathly Presents! The short was written, directed and produced by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, and it’s a wonderful Christmas treat to horror fans.

With a runtime of just over 5 minutes, Deathly Presents is a Christmas-set nightmare in which a family finds a mysterious present under their tree. It’s a slow moving short that rewards you with your patience, turning a few bumps in the night into a wicked finale. Seriously, that last shot is pure nightmare fuel.

It might drop down your chimney, it might mysteriously fill your stockings, it may even slip itself under your tree, but be sure… This Christmas… EVIL IS BACK. Bloody Cuts return with a frightful Christmas cracker of festive catastrophe, as Oliver Ebsworth, Sian Breckin and Jonah Russell deliver to you Episode 9: “Deathly Presents”.

Deathly Presents stars Sian Breckin, Jonah Russell, and Oliver Ebsworth. Check it out below and find more short films like Deathly Presents by visiting the Short Round!

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