Gimme Some Sugar, Baby: Ash vs. Evil Dead Kill of the Week, Ep. 10 (Finale)

Rather than recapping each episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead with a review (boring!), I’m going to highlight the episode’s best Deadite kill because that’s what really matters, right?

In this week’s episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead — The Dark One: During a last-ditch effort to rid the world of Evil, Ash receives an offer that could change his life forever.

Deadite Kill of the Week: It Will Swallow Your Soul!

After a stellar first season, Ash vs. Evil Dead comes to an end with an unforgettable finale with plenty of glorious kills. But even though there were a handful of some of the season’s best, my favorite kill of the episode was the entire sequence involving Heather, the unfortunate hiker who gets absolutely destroyed by the cabin. This was one of the most grueling, torturous kills we’ve seen yet, so it’s no wonder they saved it for last. After being bombarded by evil, Ash, Pablo and Kelly all get separated, leaving poor, gimpy Heather all alone. But before she gets obliterated, the cabin has some fun with her, making her think her body is covered in cockroaches before throwing a couch onto of her (already) broken leg. After that, however, she takes a few rusty nails to the face before an unseen force drags her screaming body into a room, only to be eaten alive by the cabin itself. It eventually spits her back out into the woods, leaving nothing behind but a few bloody stumps. Well done!

So there you have it, the Ash vs. Evil Dead Kill of the Week! Did you guys watch Ash’s return to Deadite-slaying badassery? What did you think of the latest episode and what was your favorite kill?

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