The Babysitter is here in the skin-crawling trailer for Emelie

Directed by Michael Thelin, Emelie made quite a bit of noise when it hit the Tribeca Film Festival last year with its straight-up horrifying story of an insane babysitter. Really, the concept is a simple one, but it’s an idea that roots itself into so many lives that you can see why the film left audiences stirring. With its release set for next month, Emelie has dropped its first trailer and ho-ly-shit are parents going to squirm. Check it out!

Look for Emelie in theaters and on VOD this March 4th.

A seemingly carefree night with their new babysitter turns into an evening of dread for three children when they discover that their caretaker is not the person she seems.

It stars Sarah Bolger, Robert Bozek, Chris Beetem, Carly Adams, and Thomas Bair.

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4 thoughts on “The Babysitter is here in the skin-crawling trailer for Emelie

    1. I agree, man, it looks like there’s a ton of potential with this one. I love how it it seems like they didn’t hold back either, which is awesome.

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