Short Round: This house belongs to The Maiden

It’s been a while since I’ve added to the ever-growing Short Round list, but director Michael Chaves’ new short film is just too good to pass up! Titled The Maiden, Chaves’ haunted house chiller has been making the rounds on the internet over the last few days, and for good reason—this thing is as confidently shot and creepy as an 8-minute short can get.

While it doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, The Maiden creates tension through an atmosphere of the unknown, using the quiet emptiness of an old haunted house brilliantly. But perhaps my favorite thing about The Maiden is Chaves’ directing, which gives his film a wicked personality—almost as if it’s possessed, the camera meanders and tilts its way through the narrative, creating a very unnerving and hypnotic experience.

A real estate agent is pushed to the edge as she struggles to close on a mysterious estate. As she goes about her business she begins to discover that this house is not as deserted as it seems – and a very powerful and evil presence is working against her. The closer she gets to the sale, the more dangerous things get. Can she close on the house before its too late?

It stars Alia Raelynn, Penny Orloff, Brian Knudson, Sunnie Pelant, and Betsy Sligh. Check it out below and find more short films like The Maiden by visiting the Short Round!


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