There’s something evil in Adam Wingard’s The Woods trailer

While a small part of me died a little when I saw that one of the most exciting directors in the genre was using his talent to make a found footage movie, it’s hard not to be excited to see what Adam Wingard does next. And that movie happens to be The Woods, a found footage horror film that’s largely a mystery—all we really know is that a bunch of kids go into the woods and don’t get to leave.

I’m pretty torn here if I’m being honest. I really dig Wingard’s stuff but I absolutely hate the potato-cammed, lazy format that is found footage. Anyway, The Woods hits theaters on September 16th, so I still have plenty of time to be annoyed by it.

The film involves a group of college students on a camping trip who discover they are not alone.

Written by longtime collaborator Simon Barrett, The Woods stars James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez, Brandon Scott, Valorie Curry, Corbin Reid and Wes Robinson.


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13 thoughts on “There’s something evil in Adam Wingard’s The Woods trailer

  1. I hate found-footage shit too man. But I really dig this trailer, particularly its use of a Police song! Making ‘Every Breath You Take’ sound creepy is some sort of accomplishment lol

    1. Haha, yeah good point! I do like what I see, so far, but these FF movies have been more bad than good so we’ll see!

  2. IMO, about one in 5 FF movies is worth sitting through for free (okay, maybe that’s a little generous with shit like The Hangman getting released in theaters), one in ten are pretty good, and one in twenty are exceptional. I will hope this is one of the ten percent. Typical very vague FF title does not help, but I will take a wait and see attitude with this one. I have seen so many terrible ones, but then again, REC is (to me) on my list of ten scariest movies of all time. There are some gems in there, you just have to weed through a lot of crap and mediocre stuff!

  3. … found footage makes me worry. It does. It is so rare to see a good found footage movie. I am interested to see what Wingard does. I didn’t like You’re Next very much, but I LOVED The Guest, so we will see. I must admit I am struggling to muster a lot of excitement for FF.

    1. Definitely, FF is such a hit or miss sub-genre that it’s legitimately hard to be excited about a new one. That said, I think Wingard is very much worth getting excited over.

  4. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing that you wrote Ryan 🙂 love Wingard….but not sure about the found footage…..

    Definitely interested though 🙂

    1. It’s really hard to be excited about anything found-footage, but I’m totally with you there. Wingard at least makes it interesting!

      1. I have seen some pretty good efforts but a very small minority when compared to how many movies have this ‘technique’.

        I think a key element is having something in the story that allows for a camera anyway, like they’re a film crew or they’re making a video blog or at least have some semblance of editing etc. That way it’s more watchable!!

        LOVE Wingard. The Guest remains the best movie I’ve seen over the past few years and he is pretty versatile too.

      2. THE GUEST is so fucking good. love that movie! I just hate to see legit talented directors like Wingard do something that literally any shitty filmmaker could do with found footage. It’s such a lazy way to make a movie.

      3. After our chat yesterday I went on Amazon and ordered V/H/S and A Horrible Way to Die 🙂 reeeeally cheap!

        Never seen the latter and only seen V/H/S once but remember I liked it.

        Also need to get on ABCs of Death, what a coincidence both Wingard and Wheatley making segments on there!!

        Honestly The Guest is one of the best movies I’ve seen in years, it blew me away the first time…and the second time…and the third time….and so on!

        I can’t even put my finger on it, what it is that makes it so amazing though I know the soundtrack helps a lot, it just ROCKS! It’s the kind of movie I’d like to make, if I was a director 🙂

      4. I just wish I could buy it on CD!!!! I have it downloaded but it’s not the same lol. Without the soundtrack the film wouldn’t have been what it was!

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