Nicolas Winding Refn producing remakes of Maniac Cop and Witchfinder General

Not only is Nicolas Winding Refn currently gearing up for the summer release of his supermodel horror film The Neon Demonbut he has already lined up a couple of uncanny projects to remake as a producer—in other words, this is some great news for fans of the genre. Maniac Cop—a remake that has been long-in-the-works—just landed funding out of Cannes, and with that news is also word that the Vincent Price classic Witchfinder General will also be getting the remake treatment with Refn attached as producer on both. Awesome.

While both movies are classics in their own right, no one is going to bemoan them getting remade, especially with Refn behind ’em—these films are just niche enough, and pretty well underrated, that rebooting them actually makes sense for a new audience. It’s not like you’re going to see a group of man-children losing their collective shit over this news, so that’s good. As far as the talent involved, other than Refn acting as producer, Maniac Cop will be directed by John Hyams (Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning) and written by Ed Brubaker (Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

The Maniac Cop remake follows innocent people who are brutally murdered on the streets of Los Angeles by a uniformed police officer. As the death toll rises and LAPD attempts a cover up, one determined female cop sets out to reveal the truth.

Witchfinder General, on the other hand, is still looking for a director and there have been practically no other details other than the involvement of Refn. While I really hope they stick to the 17th-century setting of the original, I can see them attempting a modern day interpretation of it.

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