Art: A Nightmare on Elm Street by Matt Ryan

Freddy Krueger has always been my favorite horror movie monster—his ability to manipulate dreams and stalk the sleeping children of Springwood made him the king of slashers, an unbeatable force that made sleep his deadliest weapon. Before the franchise dipped into the goofier side of horror, Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street was an altogether brilliant example of psychological horror—a film that blended the surreal with the real, creating a monster that the genre had never seen before. Freddy, the wise-cracking madman—would twist your dreams into an upside-down version of familiarity before carving you up with a bladed glove; and he did it all with a smile on his face.

There has been lot of cool art for Craven’s classic over the years, but not many have really played with the idea of Freddy’s power over a small town. And that’s what makes Matt Ryan’s piece so striking—the way Freddy’s arms weave throughout an innocent looking neighborhood in the dead of night is not only a perfect representation of the film itself, but it’s a direct callback to Tina’s nightmare when Freddy’s arms grown impossibly long. Perfect.

Just weeks after the drop of his gorgeous The Fly print, Matt Ryan’s stunning poster for A Nightmare on Elm Street will be available at a random time on Tuesday, October 18th via Mondo.

Twitter: @mattryantobin


36″ x 24″ SCREEN PRINT



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