Art: The Bride of Frankenstein by Flore Maquin

Very few movies have that one defining moment that everyone recognizes, a single frame destined to never be forgotten—Marion Crane screaming in the shower just moments before she’s stabbed to death by psycho Norman Bates, or Jack Torrence peering through a shattered door with a twisted grin stretching across his face are both examples of the kind of power a single frame of film can have. And yet, not all of these moments are so striking or even scary—take James Whale’s brilliant sequel The Bride of Frankenstein for example. It’s a subtle shot in the film that comes and goes in the blink of an eye, yet that one single frame is flooring. It’s here when The Monster realizes that his Bride, played by the stunning Elsa Lanchester, hates him like everyone else. That look, that fear and doubt speaks a thousand words.

Which is why I was so taken by Flore Maquin’s wonderful piece, one that brings color to a colorless film, and injecting life into that very iconic shot in a way we’ve never seen before. It’s bright and dazzling but still subtle, perfectly capturing that bewildering look on the Bride’s face right before The Monster blows up the castle. Just perfect.

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