Art: Crimson Peak by Daniel Danger

You just don’t see movies like Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak anymore. It’s purely a treat to fans of cinema, a multi-layered monster that masterfully blends the age old Gothic romance with a traditional ghost story. It’s a heartbreaking love story with ghosts and murder, and a haunted house tale that has a creeping mystery at its core. It’s one of del Toro’s best (if not his best) with the kind of weeping romanticism and atmosphere you rarely see in the genre. I love this movie. It’s a stunning and complicated piece of work, which is why this piece by Daniel Danger is so goddamn perfect.

Words will never do this one justice (just look at it). But much like del Toro’s film, Danger’s piece is every bit as haunting as it is gorgeous. There’s so much detail; you could stare at it for hours and still not even scratch the surface. The way the light cuts through the run-down Gothic mansion, drawing your eyes towards a woman in black is subtly haunting, perfectly representing del Toro’s quiet approach to horror. There’s a lot to love about Danger’s piece—the amount of detail is absolutely stunning and a perfect take on del Toro’s film.

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