Short Round: Born Again, the worst Satanists ever

The only thing wrong with Jason Tostevin’s fantastic short Born Again is that it ends—it’s just so good, effortlessly blending horror and comedy into a story about a few terrible Satanists trying to summon the Devil. By the time this one is over you’ll be begging for so much more. It’s that good. Where Born Again succeeds is its ability to make a classic horror trope come to life in a completely unexpected way, bridging every scene with one amazing moment after another. And that, too, is what makes this short work so well, because it’s always outdoing itself as it edges close and closer to that amazing final scene.

It’s tough work scheduling the apocalypse. But when these bumbling satanists finally get on the same page, their summoning ceremony goes terribly, terribly … right. And now they have to deal with the truly holy shit consequences.

And remember, if you want to see more shorts like Born Again, be sure to check out the Short Round!

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