Art: Let the Right One In by Matt Ryan

There’s hardly anything I could say to sum up the near perfection of Let the Right One In—few films blend the horrific with the romantic so seamlessly, yet Tomas Alfredson does it masterfully here. Its story, while simple, is an enthralling coming-of-age shocker that spins the age-old tale of love in a direction that’s every bit as tender as it is disturbing. As far as the vampire genre goes, and there’s a lot to choose from, Let the Right One In is among the very best.

It’s no doubt a tough movie to create art for if you want to capture all of its complicated layers in just a single image, which is why this piece by Matt Ryan is just so good. What he’s done here is show us the bloody nature of Eli and what she really is, and that she has this lonely little boy in the palm of her hands. Another stunner.

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