Art: Annihilation by Rory Kurtz

Alex Garland’s Annihilation is the kind of movie that begs to be explored—it’s a multi-layered masterpiece with themes that run much deeper than what we see on the surface. And within Garland’s beautiful and haunting world is a story about destruction, whether it’s to ourselves or an unavoidable fate that in the end gets us all. While the film itself can be interpreted a number of ways—like any great story—one constant is Garland’s brilliant visual style. His ability to create a world that is both stunning and terrifying is second to none, which is why Rory Kurtz’s piece is so damn perfect.

There are no amount of words that would do justice to Kurtz’s take on Annihilation—somehow he captures Garland’s complex film in a single image that encapsulates everything mentioned above. It’s no doubt a gorgeous print, but behind its stunning beauty is a haunting sense of destruction. Perfect in every way.


Instagram: @rorykurtz

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6 thoughts on “Art: Annihilation by Rory Kurtz

  1. Oh I love this! Loved the movie too, as you know. It was all the way back in, what, February? But still one of my favorites of this year. Alex Garland is a great one

  2. This movie dragged a bit, and it was hard to hear some of the dialog. The scariest part (for me anyway) was toward the last 3rd of the movie where a wolf/ bearish monster has the women trapped in a room and starts to growl/rasp at them..sometimes sounding very much in its tone like the soldier it killed! So creepy!!! Sort of worth watching the movie for that part. I’ve seen much worse.

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