Cheap Thrills: The Cleaning Lady

Horror has never been more alive than it is right now and a lot of that stems from the understated indie gems that come out each and every month. They’re cheap, they’re thrilling, and they’re often some of the best films the genre has to offer. Cheap Thrills aims at highlighting the upcoming indie horror films (and some other interesting movies that come our way) that should be on your radar.

Jon Knautz has quietly been behind some great stuff over the years—if you’re a fan of oldschool, effects heavy horror, get your hands on Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer immediately—and he’s back with what looks like another fantastic looking film. The Cleaning Lady appears to lean heavy on the disturbing side of the genre and I am very much into what he’s doing here—the trailer quickly delves into some dark territory, so start preparing for the madness now.

As a means to distract herself from an affair, a love-addicted woman befriends a cleaning lady, badly scarred by burns. She soon learns, these scars run much deeper than the surface.

Look for The Cleaning Lady on VOD this June 4th, and see more Cheap Thrills here.

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