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When I was just a little kid I discovered this thing called the internet and quickly found out that it was an endless sea filled with anything and everything. Naturally, I typed “horror movies” in the search bar and came across a website that, to be totally honest, looked like complete crap. Despite its unappealing look, I saw a tab at the top that said Enter the Vault of Terror—so I did. The page was filled from top to bottom with pictures of horror movies and their titles, ranging from the classics and the obscure to the plain ol’ weird. Even though I had seen plenty of horror movies at the time, it was in this vault that I realized I hadn’t even scratched the surface yet.

So now that I have my own corner of the internet dedicated to all the things that go bump in the night, I have decided to add my own version of the vault. I like to think that maybe someday a kid, who much like I did, will stumble upon this website and discover some of their favorite horror films, too. So with that I give you my own version, The Vault, and it’s some of my favorite movies to recommend to horror fans new and old.

56 thoughts on “The Vault

  1. I like the cut of your jib, sir.
    Two things ran through my head as I scanned this page: 1) I have almost a decade on you, but your vault visually represents a good chunk of my childhood, too; and 2) the entire middle section is a reminder of how much me, you, and 99% of horror/genre fans prefer practical effects to CGI. Good show.

    1. You’re exactly right, practical effects always win in a horror film. That’s how they started and thats how they should stay. Glad you enjoyed it man, thanks for stopping by!

  2. I saw Quarentine a while ago, and was telling a friend about how it had potential but missed it. He said he saw a movie that sounded identical called Rec. but in Spanish, and lent it to me to watch to see if they were the same. They were! But I have to say, this is one of those movies that the US wanted to remake, and missed the mark. Rec is a much better version of Quarentine, but its fun to watch and see where they go off on different ideas. I agree, Rec is a very entertaining and fun horror flick! Also, the Orphanage is my top fav movie from your list, by far! Love it!

    1. It kinda sucks you watched the remake of [REC] first! That’s a bummer. Glad you liked it though, it’s one of the best zombie flicks in quite some time. Also, The Orphanage is an extremely underrated horror film and it still surprises me at how many people haven’t seen it!

      1. Yeah, too bad indeed but the original made it much better. I liked this Korean horror, its very much the same type of film as Orphanage, its called Tale of Two sisters. I had to watch it a few times to fully understand it, but each time was amazing! You should check it out, its very dark, and sad. I wouldnt call it a “horror” really, as they classify it, but more-so a psych-thriller.

    1. Absolutely, it’s a fantastic genre that unfortunately is loaded with a lot of crap but there are certainly some really amazing ones out there too!

  3. There is a horror movie I always saw in the movie store as a kid. I was never allowed to rent it – but always got a cheap thrill looking at the VHS covers. But do you think I can remeber what its called!?! I’ve been searching for it for ever. There was one zombie/demon on it. Head and shoulders shot. Looked like a cross between the pic for Evil Dead and Day of the Dead that you have above. Haha I don’t know if this is going to jog anyone’s memory, but its always worth a shot.

    Great site btw – just came across it today when I was looking up info on the Dibbuk.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like the site! Well, damn I was really hoping to be able to figure out what movie you’re talking about but that’s a tough one! Maybe one day it’ll come back to you.

  4. I’ve gotten myself this crazy idea that I should watch horror movies, although I can’t handle them or haven’t been so good with them so far, and I was thinking how much would watching all of these movies effect me? Or is there like a slow and steady process that can lead me through the path of horror films?

    1. Glad to hear you want to start getting into horror films. If you’re worried about not being able to handle them the best path would be to start with the ones that are more in the horror/comedy genre. It’s a good way to enjoy a horror flick without actually getting scared. Also, another good way to slowly get into them is to watch some of the classics to gain an appreciation for them before jumping straight into the hardcore stuff! The Vault is a great place to start! Thanks for reading.

  5. Ryan, what can you find about a movie called Mark of the Devil, just remember seeing it at the drive in as a kid, maybe early- mid 70s. Watch it if you can

    1. Found it. Made in 1970 and it looks like it would definitely be the kind of movie they would have played at a drive in. Looks like you can rent it on amazon.

  6. I’m glad you listed ‘The Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ as I feel that is one remake that is better than the original. ‘The Audition’ is really twisted and highly effective. I remember a couple of squemish guys walked out of the theater during the final scene, but their girlfriends remained, which I found funny and interesting. You have a very good selection here. Some films I might suggest would be ‘Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, ‘Funny Games’, ‘Basket Case’, and ‘The Hitcher’ from 1986.

    1. I totally agree. The I really enjoy the original film but the remake is so much creepier. Great suggestions, all of those are fantastic films, especially Henry.

      1. “High Tension” was the film that made me want to write screenplays. I didn’t like the silly twist ending, but up until the last 15 minutes I thought it was immaculately executed. Aja Alexandre has such a strong grasp of his craft, and really knows how to make the small and minor details show up in a big and major way.

        For example, the way Marie wipes out the inside of the bathroom faucet – and then when the killer checks out the bedroom he makes his way into the bathroom and sticks his finger in the faucet. Very minor detail that Aja turns into an actual event, and that amplifies the suspense, and intensity.

        The whole movie had a surreal vibe that made the viewer feel like they were in a bad dream, or something. I think it’s one of the most brilliant horror films ever made.

      2. You nailed it Gary. In fact the bathroom soon is one of my favorite horror moments. The amount of suspense in that film is unnerving and I especially loved the fact that Aja taunted the emotions of the audience a lot like Hitchcock would when he made you think something was around the corner just to reveal that nothing was there and your imagination was the scariest part. Great stuff. I never understood the hate that the film got. Truly underrated.

      3. So…does that mean you open up the vault? Do you add films to your vault – or is it locked?

  7. I know you probably want to add in trios to maintain the even look of your vault…

    How is this for a trio to add: High Tension – Martyrs – Inside; 3 awesome european horror flicks! 🙂

  8. Hey Ryan,

    Just wanted to say that your website is absolutely incredible and is quickly becoming one of my horror favorites. Great, great work, my friend!

    This is a very cool idea! Glad to see Dawn of the Dead in there. That has to be my favorite horror film of all time. I remember my sister babysitting me one Halloween night and her boyfriend rented it and showed it to me. I was absolutely mesmerized. As far as my favorites go, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer ranks up there as does Hellraiser, Fulci’s Zombie, Nosferatu the Vampyre, Evil Dead, Halloween, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

    Once again, fantastic site. I know I’ll be visiting regularly.


    1. Thanks for the compliments man. That means a lot! You listed some great films there. I can always tell a real horror fan when they mention Evil Dead, Zombie, Henry and Hellraiser as some of their favs. Great list, don’t be surprised to see some of those pop up in here in the near future. Thanks again!

      1. The original “When a stranger calls” to me, has to be one the of the scariest horror movies of all time. I love horror movies, but this is one I wont watch haha! I think it always scared me so bad was because I remember it being one of the first scary movies I ever watched where it really could happen. It was simple with one of the best twists in a movie I’ve yet to see. The remake however was a huge disappointment. I love your vault! Seen all but 3, and Im definitely gonna check them out!

  9. I love the classic Universal monster movies, glad to see them making an appearance up top! Factoid: My Great, Great Aunt was the scream queen of horror movies such as The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man’s Revenge, Son of Dracula etc. Yep, it’s my claim to fame and I’m a nerd.

  10. How about the original “Black Christmas”? It pre-dates “Halloween”, and I credit it with being one of the movies to inspire my lifelong love of horror. I had an uncle who would regularly take my sister and me to see movies such as “The Driller Killer” and “Torso”, and I believe I was about 12 years old when he took us to see what was then titled “Silent Night, Evil Night.” The scene of the girl sitting in the attic rocking chair with a plastic bag over her head stuck with me for life. I bought the dvd about four years ago, and I definitely found it to still be a very effective, creepy movie. I also recommend “The Devil’s Backbone” and “May.”

  11. Fantastic site you’ve got here Ryan. Kudos!

    I was a frequent visitor of another horror film website that shall remain nameless, and I have to say, I think I found a great replacement. Your site is a total breath of fresh air! I happen to be a fan of practical effects myself, but I could completely overlook any effects used if the movie is a slow burner. I love tension and suspense. In fact, I chose those elements over tons of gore. Granted, loads of blood can be…well, bloody fun!

    “The House of the Devil” is hands down an absolute favourite. Same goes for Anonymous’ suggestion of the original “Black Christmas” aka “Silent Night, Evil Night”. The antagonist in BC is one of the creepiest and most terrifying characters I’ve ever seen in a horror movie. Truly effective. I also absolutely looove “The Descent”. Despite it being an immensely gory picture, it also has characters that are relatively 3 dimensional and feel like actual human beings as opposed to cadavers.

    I know, I know… this may get some groans, but I’m gonna say them anyway. M. Night Shyamalan’s films “The Sixth Sense” and “Signs” creeped the HECK out of me. There’s just something about a boy who sees dead people everywhere he goes that is just unsettling to me.

    Here are my 3 suggestions that you probably haven’t seen before: “Lake Mungo”, “The Pact”, and “Cold Prey” – CP is a Norwegian slasher film that I love.

    Keep it up Ryan!

    1. Thanks for stopping by man and glad you dig the site! Completely agree with your suggestions and don’t be surprised if you see some of them popping up in here in the future! Big fan of Signs too, I don’t care how messed up that plot is, it’s genuinely creepy and a lot of fun to watch. You’re right, I haven’t seen any of those. The Pact has been on my “see” list for a while, I’ll be sure to add Lake Mungo and Cold Prey to that list as well!

      Thanks again for stopping by, hope to see you around more!

  12. I like your list,l became a horror fan at 5 yrs old! it was Frankenstein b/w. I was hooked! Then weeks later I saw hush hush sweet Charlotte. great movie,my mom also loved horror movies we would watch always,later on in life I worked at a video store watched thousands of films I eventually was called queen of horror because of my knowledge ,then I bought a video store and was in heaven! my favs are night breed by Clive barker,check it out! hellraiser movies with Doug Bradley.and anything rob zombie makes. Will be watching for your future list. Dianna

    1. I usually go with Evil Dead II, Night of the Living Dead, Suspiria, The Shining, Dead Alive, The Thing and Jaws. It always changes tho!

  13. Great list and awesome website! So glad I stumbled upon it.
    Candyman was one film I can honestly say scared the hell out of me as a child. I couldn’t sleep for days after watching it…Just looked up some “facts” on the film and found it interesting that the film was scored by Philip Glass.

  14. I’m glad I’ve seen nearly all of these (save Severance and Frontier(s)). I consider you to be a great source for upcoming horror; I trust your judgement! Reading through your blog, it seems like we agree on what makes for good horror and what sucks, haha. So I feel accomplished for having seen almost all the movies in your “vault.” :DDD I’m curious to see what more recent movies you add to the list (if any, because they haven’t been fantastic…)! Thanks for the great list! About to watch Frontier(s).

    1. Glad to hear that, man! There are definitely a some recent films that I wouldn’t mind adding to it. Cheap Thrills, We Are What We Are and Big Bad Wolves comes to mind! Hope you like Frontiers, it’s pretty fun flick with a crazy ending.

  15. Saw a movie at the drive -in when I was a kid, that I can’t remember the name of. The only scene that has really stuck with me is: group taking a tour of some kind of under ground tunnel system. Sexy woman comes on to man and they are separated from the rest of the group. The next scene shows the man laying against the bottom part of the tunnel wall, head twisted around 180. I thought the movie’s title was something like the tempest, but I can’t find it under that. It was late 1970’s and I think the premise was demon-oriented. Can you help a horror fan out?

  16. Good list, but I’d two films to your list. The Blob remake, which is a great film. And more recently Sinister. Watch that film on your own at night and discover what the taste of fear is like.

  17. This is such an awesome page! Love it! Gotta say – practical effects for the win. They just look so much better, and suit horror movies down to the ground.

    1. Thanks, glad you like it! Yeah, practical effects are the best—it’s the reason why a lot of the classic horror films still hold up after all these years!

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