The Month in Horror Releases: December


This is it, folks, the end of 2016 is near with December marking the final month of horror for 2016—that’s crazy. What’s even crazier, perhaps, is horror’s ridiculous line-up of films seeing a release this month. It’s no surprise either that indie horror will be closing out the year with a handful of fantastic films […]

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It’s mayhem at the office in The Belko Experiment trailer


Coming off of the not-so-good The Darkness, Wolf Creek director Greg McLean returns to the genre with the James Gunn-penned (Guardians of the Galaxy) horror film The Belko Experiment, which looks absolutely nutty. It’s about a bunch of Belko employees who find out that they’re really just guinea pigs for an experiment that will end […]

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Short Round: Invaders, giving thanks


We’ve just about seen it all when it comes to the home invasion genre—masked mad men are nothing new, especially when they’re particularly stab-happy. But that’s what makes Jason Kupfer’s short Invaders so damn special because he spins the timeless trope in a way we’ve never seen before thanks to its genuinely hilarious (and shocking) twist. […]

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Replace trailer goes skin deep


How’s this for body horror—taking the skin of others in order to stay beautiful. Now that’s something. Starring genre icon Barbara Crampton (seems like she’s in everything these days), Replace is a body horror thriller from first time director Norbert Keil and it looks absolutely disturbing. There’s not much else to say, really. The micro-thriller certainly came out of […]

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Pet trailer is a twisted love story


Carles Torrens’ psychological thriller Pet found some high praise out of this year’s SXSW Film Festival, as the twisted love story proved to be every bit as disturbing as its premise suggests. While not a household name—Torrens previously directed 2011’s indie haunter Apartment 143—his latest foray into the horror genre promises to be delightfully wicked and one to remember. […]

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Art: The Witch by Aaron Horkey


Robert Eggers’ brilliant, slow-burning debut The Witch thrived on atmospheric perfection—it’s one of the many elements of the film that truly stands out, allowing the narrative to crawl under the skin and stay there. With a disorienting score blaring in the background, the film finds unnerving horror through subtlety as a constant sense of evil looms in […]

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