Horror Fans Hating Sequels: The Craft: Legacy

Here’s the thing about a lot of horror fans – they’re the worst. Look… that’s harsh, I know, but hear me out. Because this genre has such a passionate fan base, when they get upset about something — like when their favorite childhood horror movie gets remade — they’re going to let you and everyone else know. Every. Single. Time. Despite countless examples of great remakes, with every new announcement their numbers grow stronger and their irrational whining gets louder. Remakes are not, and have never been, the end of the world… unless you’re these guys.

You guys will never guess what happened when Blumhouse – the studio behind The Invisible Man, Us, Halloween, and countless others –  decided to drop a surprise trailer for the The Craft: Legacy, a continuation of the 1996 cult hit. While some horror fans expressed excitement over a sequel to their beloved classic, many took this as an opportunity to tell strangers on the internet why they already hate it. Now let’s take this time to thank them for continuing to be the worst, and turn our attention to some of their wonderful comments:

Everyone back up. Let’s make some room for slick-hair-guy; he’s gotta spend 2 minutes watching a movie trailer that he already knows he’s going to hate because the original was “bad” and then tell everyone on the internet about it.

**googles 2006-era Disney Original Movies** Oh, oh wow… that’s… that’s such a specific example. Hey, man, just because you only have VHS tapes of Eight Below and Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior in your mom’s basement doesn’t mean you get to be so passive aggressive towards a movie that’s not even out yet. You are right, though, the movie MIGHT be cool. You know what’s not cool? This… this stupid fucking comment.

First of all, why do so many horror fans know so much about Disney movies? Pedro, my man, you’re just killing me here. You’re complaining about the movie looking like a CW production while also having a picture of a dude who looks, literally, like a CW poster child. Nice tits, though.

Dude with a Hitler picture talking about “evening out the playing field” and wanting a bunch of dudes to play the role of teenage girls? Are… are you the real Hitler? I just can’t.

Hey, Lev, how about NOT getting so mad at a movie studio for starters? Dude is out here on the internet acting like he caught his body pillow cheating on him with Blumhouse. They make movies, bro. Calm down.

A tale as old as time. A sequel. Pale… and withered. Shout out to this guy, who I imagine still wears a chain wallet and has the sickest collection of mall swords hanging on his wall. Also, dude. Just stop.

I’m going to stop there because… well you guys get the gist — basically just grown as dudes being mad about a movie clearly made for teenagers. Great stuff! Hopefully you enjoyed this one and if you missed the diaper fire comments from the Twister remake, go check that out here – it’s a good one!

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