Short Round: Icky Boy, the things we do for love

By now the folks over at ANTIMITY need no introduction from me—a handful of their fantastic short films have already been featured on TMR—so I’m going to let their latest creation do most of the talking. Entitled Icky Boy—that should tell you everything you need to know—director Larry Alan explores obsession and the ways in which it can destroy us (and others). Although it’s a familiar set-up, Alan’s straight-faced approach to the story allows the short to go to work early (and quickly) because the audience is already expecting the worst.

Each film from ANTIMITY gets better and better, so if you find yourself wanting more quality short-form horror, check out their YouTube channel.

Benjamin has been in love with Olivia for 2 years and tonight is the night he finally tells her. Only problem is Olivia has no idea who who this strange man is or how he got into her house.

If you want to see more short films like Icky Boy, be sure to check out the Short Round!

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