Bryan Cranston will be Holland, Michigan’s serial killer

One of the more exciting projects to be heading our way in the future is a little film by the name of Holland, Michigan. Back in September of 2013, Naomi Watts (below) got the nod to star in the film as a teacher who begins to suspect that her docile husband is a serial killer. And now it appears that the serial-killer-to-be is none other than the great Bryan Cranston! We all know that Cranston can play a serial killer with as much ease as anyone in the business, so this one outta be something special—especially with the rest of the talent involved, including Edgar Ramirez.

There isn’t  a whole lot known about the flick just yet as details are still pretty thin, but they are saying it’s going to have a “Fargo-esque” tone to it. Meaning, it’s going to be heavy on the dark side of humor which is always a lot of fun. Part of what makes Cranston stand out from the rest is how easily he can switch modes in his acting; in one scene he can be absolutely hilarious, and then without a moment’s notice he can terrify you straight to the core. He’s a truly gifted actor and it’s going to be exciting to see where he goes from here now that his Breaking Bad days are over. With Godzilla on the horizon as well as this, I’d say we have plenty to look forward to.

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN centers on a woman who suspects her husband is cheating. She begins an affair of her own as revenge, but she eventually discovers that her husband is actually a serial killer.

The script was written by Andrew Sodroski and it topped the 2013 Black List. It will mark Errol Morris’ directorial debut. Filming is already set to start this coming April so be on the lookout for much more on Holland, Michigan very soon!


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9 thoughts on “Bryan Cranston will be Holland, Michigan’s serial killer

    1. Yea, it wasn’t really being talked about much until now. I’ll watch anything with Cranston in it, he’s a blast to watch. He should nail this one!

  1. I hope they actually film it in Holland. The Michigan Film Office doesn’t list it. (This is important to me, as a Michigander haha.) Otherwise, sounds great. Look forward to watching it!

    1. How cool would that be!? It’s hard to say with films like this. It sounds like it could be small enough that they would film it on location, but you never know!

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