Short Round: It was a Midsummer’s Afternoon

Today we have a special treat for the Short Round as it features the short film debut of the talented Larry Alan who’s certainly no stranger to these parts as he was featured right here on Rhino’s Horror with a gallery of gorgeously disturbing photographs that captured terror in a single shot. But now Alan has taken his talents into the world of film with his short It was a Midsummer’s Afternoon in which a beautiful day in the woods takes a frightening turn.

Starring Carolina Kenney and Curt Rice, It was a Midsummer’s Afternoon doesn’t have a single ounce of dialog as the film is instead driven by its powerful imagery and haunting score that is both beautiful and chilling as we watch the world that Alan has created turn to darkness. It’s a fantastic debut that delivers two horror must-haves; a gorgeous leading lady and plenty of the red stuff. And while it only clocks in at just under 4 minutes, it packs a powerful punch proving that sometimes less is so much more.

I can’t say that what I have done is a new idea, in fact it’s as old as horror it self. I have just taken a normal happy situation and thrown something sinister in the mix; just as Freddy was thrown into a happy suburban area to reveal the evils done in the past as well as sending a group of seemingly normal teenagers lives into a downward spiral. 

Check out more of Alan’s work by visiting his website and Facebook page.


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