Excision director brings us Suburban Gothic; watch the red band trailer here

Excision director, Richard Bates Jr., returns with his sophomore effort in the horror-comedy Suburban Gothic, starring Matthew Gray Gubler and Kat Dennings. After his horror debut in Excision, you just knew that Richard Bates Jr. was going to leave quite the fingerprint in the world of horror. And while it’s still too early to tell how much of an impact his films are going to have on the genre—this being only his second film and all—there’s no denying that he has an absorbing vision that mixes up plenty of the weird with a nasty dose of horror. Suburban Gothic takes a step into a much lighter side of the genre than his previous film, but looks just as intriguing and should be a lot of fun. Take a look at the red band trailer below!

Quirky young Raymond has been having a tough couple of months. Even with his recent college degree, he can’t find work in the big city — and he’s realizing that it’s time to swallow his pride and move back in with his overbearing, suburban parents. Little does he realize, however, that this temporary layover in Middle America is going to be anything but mundane… Haunted by otherworldly visions since childhood, Raymond soon finds himself beset upon by spirits intent on making his time at home as miserable as possible.

His only outlet for sanity seems to be local bartender Becca who, aside from chasing off the same bullies who wanted to beat Raymond up in high school, finds herself drawn to his endearing quirkiness. Together, the duo find themselves unraveling the mystery behind a century-old murder — and scaring up plenty of laughs along the way.

Ray Wise, Barbara Niven, Sally Kirkland, Jeffrey Combs, John Waters and Muse Watson also star in the film which will have its World Premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival this July 19.

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If you are ever attacked by a gorilla just sit back and relax while you enjoy the once in a life time feeling of your limbs being ripped off.

19 thoughts on “Excision director brings us Suburban Gothic; watch the red band trailer here

  1. You’re reminding me of the heartbreak all over again.. I was going to see this at the Fantasia Film Festival but I have a wedding to go to that night…I could’ve seen Matthew Gray Gubler that night for the after movie talk…

    1. Oh, what a bummer! That would have been great. Why is it that weddings are always planned on the worst possible days? Weird…

      1. I know! That day of the festival is the best day! I’m going to get to the wedding a tad late for the showing of I, Origins! I couldn’t miss two good ones…
        Did you see the trailer for The Drownsman? I’m going to see that and it looks super creepy!

      2. Yes! The Drownsman looks so cool, and the poster is amazing. Super jealous you get to check that one out. Stop by and let me know how it is! I, Origins looks pretty sweet, too.

      3. Sure thing! I’m also going to see Open Windows and Cybernatural. Not sure about those but seems interesting enough. The trailer for Cybernatural was set up pretty cool. Have you heard anything about those?

  2. If Matthew Gubler is in this then count me in. I love the fact that he and his Criminal Minds co-star A.J. Cook aren’t afraid to dip into the horror pool whenever the opportunity arises.Heck, some episodes of that show could be considered mini horror movies.

    1. He’s fun as hell to watch, and I also really like Dennings in smaller films like this. Should be a pretty entertaining flick.

      1. I knew that seeing as how she was my Scream Queen of the Month for June, 2014. She actually did Ripper: Letter from Hell and Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell before Final Destination 2, which is by far my favorite FD movie,

      2. Well, in that context, your comment about her dipping into the horror pool seems….strangely worded… since that’s where she got her start.

      3. It’s common knowledge that a lot of actors and actresses begin by starring in horror films; then after their careers progress and they find success they act as if horror films are beneath them. Not only has Cook appeared in horror before Criminal Minds she has also appeared in horror long after establishing herself on the series. She made the found footage werewolf film “Wer” in 2013 and “Mother’s Day” in 2010. I never realized my comments were so carefully scrutinized. 🙂

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