Short Round: Special Day, fate approaching

Turning eighteen in Emily’s house is kind of a big deal. Sure, it’s a big deal for most of us—you’ve officially become an adult—but I think it’s safe to say that most of our birthdays don’t revolve around a horrifying family secret. Directed by Teal Greyhavens, his short film Special Day has an atmospheric weight behind it that only grows stronger as each new layer of the narrative is revealed—you’re going to want to stay until the very end.

But what’s so special about Greyhaven’s film is how unnerving and scary it is—his subtle approach to horror is so, so good. There’s a patience behind the filmmaking as he allows the tension and imagery to do most of the talking; it’s nice to see that kind of restraint in horror and it really pays off here. Anyway, that’s enough from me. Dig into this one and enjoy not sleeping.

And as always, if you want to see more short films like Special Day, be sure to check out the Short Round!

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